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Dr. Pat Grisham

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Eureka College recognized as a top college for teacher education. The Online College Database’s new ranking, “Top Colleges in Illinois Shaping the Next Generation,” honors the post-secondary institutions in the state that graduated the most education and teaching professionals in 2012.

At Eureka College, prospective teacher candidates study a core curriculum of liberal arts in conjunction with a major field of study, and their potential is realized not only by the accumulation of knowledge, but by challenging experiences in the field and in co- curricular activities. Those entering the Teacher Education Program must display distinctive qualities of intellect and character as demonstrated through competencies in five key areas that embody the nine Professional Teaching Standards established by the Illinois State Teacher Licensure Board:

  • Professionalism
  • Classroom Management
  • Content Knowledge
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Assessment

In Illinois, teacher education programs are subject to approval by the State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board (SEPLB). Eureka College is approved to offer programs leading to teacher licensure in:

  • Elementary Education (grades 1-6)
  • English (grades 6-12)
  • Mathematics (grades 6-12)
  • Physical Education (grades K-12)
  • Social Science (grades 6-12) with designation in History
  • Special Education LBSI (K-21)
  • Vocal Music (grades K-12)

Middle school endorsement may be available for Secondary Education and Elementary Education majors, and is mandatory for Music Education, Physical Education, and Special Education majors. TODO

Program Admission

Students must satisfactorily complete the following entry requirements before admission to the program will be granted. Students must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program to participate in the EDU 300-level practica and student teaching.

  1. Pass the ICTS Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP);
  2. Obtain a grade of “C” or better in the following courses (or equivalent courses):
    • ENG103W Academic Writing and Research
    • EDU185 Foundations of American Education
    • EDU227W Educational Psychology
    • EDU228L Educational Psychology Field Experience (grade of Pass)
  3. Obtain two recommendations from faculty members outside the Teacher Education Program.
  4. Obtain recommendations from the Dean of Student Programs and Services and the EDU228L Field Experience Supervisor. Both of these recommendations are done internally.
  5. Maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75.
  6. Pass initial Portfolio Review.
  7. Apply for Admission to the Teacher Education Program.
  8. “Pass” Disposition Review.
  9. “Pass” Candidate Presentation for program admission.
  10. Receive approval from the Teacher Education Committee.

NOTE: Formal application materials may be obtained from Teacher Education Program personnel.

Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP)

Students who start as freshmen at Eureka are required to pass the TAP before enrolling in EDU227W. All transfer students must pass the TAP by their second semester in order to take any EDU/SPE courses during their third semester of enrollment. More information on the TAP, including registering for the test, can be found here.

Selection and Continuance

Each teacher candidate is responsible for having a knowledge of and following all regulations and procedures stipulated in the Teacher Education Admission Handbook and the Students’ Responsibilities and Rights Handbook, various practica handbooks, both student teaching handbooks, the Eureka College Catalog and the Eureka College Student Handbook.

Continuance in the Teacher Education Program is based on a candidate’s GPA and dispositions. A check of each candidate’s dispositions is conducted at the time of admission to the program and reviewed yearly after admission. A Disposition Review may be initiated and conducted by College faculty at any time. Reviews of the program may also result in changes and will be announced as they occur.

Students who plan to teach must understand that preparation for teaching consists of more than satisfactory completion of a sequence of courses. Teaching requires above average scholarship but also good character and sound mental health. Teacher Education personnel, therefore, reserve the right:

  • to grant admission to any course or permission to continue a sequence of courses leading to licensure;
  • to make recommendations for licensure by entitlement;
  • to require that students take aptitude, achievement, and health examinations;
  • to use information from these and other sources in making decisions and recommendations about admission and continuance.


Prior to student teaching, a number of practica in the public schools are required as an essential part of the Teacher Education Program. These practica include placements in primary, middle, and high school settings, and with populations that include students with exceptionalities and of different ethnic, racial, gender, language, religious, socioeconomic, and regional/geographic origins.

No more than one practicum may be taken by the student during any given semester. Eureka College teacher candidates must conduct themselves professionally and ethically. They are responsible for their own transportation to the practicum.

Student Teaching

Application to student teaching is made during the junior year. No final placement will be made until the teacher candidate has passed the content area test(s) for his/her major. Requirements for student teaching are:

  • Completion of all Content Area and General Education courses
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.75 or better
  • Major field GPA of 3.00 or better
  • Pass all ICTS Subject Matter Knowledge Test(s) for major
  • Final Portfolio Review
    • Professionalism – Presentation Reflection
    • Classroom Management – Candidate’s Philosophy of Classroom Management
    • Content Knowledge – Topic Dependent On Major
    • Teaching Strategies – Strategies of Teaching
    • Technology Literacy – Case Study
  • Conference with Program Director(s)
  • Interview with the Cooperating Teacher
  • Candidate Resume
  • Criminal Background Check/TB Test

Teacher candidates are also responsible for their own housing and meals when the College is closed. Dormitory arrangements can be made through the Student Programs & Services Office for these occasions.

Transfer Credit

Application of transfer credit toward Eureka College Teacher Education requirements is subject to review by the Teacher Education Program. All grades in transfer courses must be a “C” or above. Transfer students are subject to all Teacher Education Program requirements. Transfer students should make an appointment with the Teacher Education Assessment Coordinator and Transfer Advisor to plan the application process.

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