Elizabeth Field

Elizabeth Field

Assistant Professor of French

Office: Burrus-Dickinson
Phone: (309)467-6338
Email: efield@eureka.edu


BA, French/Art, Hiram College, 1967

MA, French, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, 1970

Research Interests

My interests lie with Francophone literature from France and Africa, Canada and the Antilles. I also find issues of intolerance and marginalization to be of particular interest.

Teaching Interests

I enjoy teaching "FrancoLit" and French Composition, both at the 300-level. To enable students of French to appreciate the Francophone world and to express themselves beyond the basic French is important to me.

I also find leading my Senior Seminar, "Can’t We All Just Get Along?", which addresses issues of intolerance in our world and the various ways societies have dealt with "Others" particularly rewarding every semester.

Professional Activity

In the twilight of my professional activity, I find that travel with students to countries in Africa, to Greece and Hawai’i has been important. While traveling on my own I stop at important historical venues, for example the Jim Crow Museum at Ferris State University in Michigan and the museum in Bayeux, France to study the Bayeux Tapestry, which has been especially exciting and useful.


I have only known the world of educators. My father was an English professor at SUNY-Brockport, and during my early years I certainly benefited from interaction with his colleagues. Higher education is very important in my extended family – I am among several in the third generation to earn undergraduate masters degrees, and my father, husband and daughter all earned their doctoral degrees. The pursuit of lifelong learning is engrained early on.