Majors with Secondary Education


Licensure programs at the secondary (high school) level are available in:

  • English (6–12)
  • Mathematics (6–12)
  • Social Science (6–12) with a designation in History

Students should refer to specific subject (major) areas of this catalog for requirements in their chosen area(s). To obtain additional High School endorsements, a student must complete 24 semester hours in a subject area, with at least 12 upper-division hours. Special requirements apply to Science and Social Science areas. (See Teacher Education Program personnel for further information.)

Requirements for majors with secondary education licensure

Completion of one of the major programs indicated above, plus all requirements in the following Content Area Standards and Professional Education curricula:

Content Area Standards

The following Content Area Standards courses are required of all Secondary Education majors. Most of these courses align with requirements in the Eureka College General Education Curriculum. Students should consult with their academic advisors regarding the alignment of these courses with General Education.

All of the following:

ART or MUS one course in ART or MUS 3
ENG103W Academic Writing and Research 3
ENG301W Advanced Academic Writing and Research 3
HED179 First Aid, CPR, and Injury Prevention 1
MAT one course numbered 121 or higher 3-4
PSC150 American Government (National) 3
One laboratory science course 4

One of the following (English majors must take both):

COM110 Introduction to Public Speaking 3
THA130 Acting I – Introduction to Acting 3

One of the following:

HIS250 History of the US to 1865 3
HIS251 History of the US since 1865 3
TOTAL:   29-30

Professional Education

All students pursuing majors with Secondary Education Licensure are required to complete the following:

EDU185 Foundations of American Education 3
EDU227W Educational Psychology 3
EDU228L Educational Psychology Field Experience 1
EDU229 Educating the Exceptional Child 3
EDU380 Middle Schools Methods and Management 3
EDU390 Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching 3
EDU320A Diversity Field Experience (Secondary) 1
EDU320B Subject Area Filed Experience (Secondary) 1
EDU435 Field Experience for Secondary Student Teachers 1
EDU440-444 Methods of Teaching in a Secondary School 4
EDU466 Student Teaching 14
TOTAL:   37

Middle School Endorsement

The Middle School endorsement is optional for all secondary education majors. Persons employed to teach in a departmentalized Middle School classroom in the state of Illinois must complete two 3 credit hour courses in:

EDU380 Middle School Methods and Management 3
PSY205 Psychology of Childhood through Adolescence 3

To obtain an additional Middle School Endorsement outside the major area, a student must complete an 18-hour area of concentration.