2014-15 Tuition and Fees

At Eureka, we recognize the investment you are making in us—and when you become part of the Eureka family, that investment is a two-way street. Our commitment is to provide an exceptional college experience with one-on-one, personal attention and endless opportunities for global success.

Overview for 2014-2015

  Resident Commuter
Tuition $19,210 $19,210
Campus Access/Activity Fees $850 $850
Room* $4,100
Board $4,400
TOTAL $28,560 $20,060

Above totals are for full-time students.

We keep our costs and scholarships transparent so that Eureka College is accessible and affordable for the next generation of world leaders.

Room Fee Structure for 2014-15

*Room rates vary by selected residence hall.

Room Cost per year
Double room (with roommate) in Founders $3500
Double room (with roommate) in Alumni $4100
Double room (with roommate) in Ivy $4500
Double room (with roommate) in Gunz $4500
Single room (smaller, limited number) in Founders $5760
Single room (smaller, limited number) in Alumni $5760
Single room in Langston $6250
Double room (as a single) in Founders $6000
Double room (as a single) in Alumni $7000
Double room (as a single) in Ivy $8500
Double room (as a single) in Gunz $8500
TKE/LCA (double or single/with or without a roommate) $4100


  Cost per year
19-Meal Plan $4400
Block Plans $4340

Other General Fees

Non-refundable Enrollment Deposit, New Students Only
(Credit Towards Tuition)
Refundable Housing Deposit $150
Summer Courses, per Semester Hour $390
Applied Music Fee $180
Student Teaching Fee $280
Health Care Services, Student Co-pay $10
Readmission Fee $300
Convenience Fee $10
Returned Check Fee $25
Senior Citizen Credit/Discount, per Semester Hour $50
Athletic Insurance Fee (Estimate):  
Football $275
Basketball & Soccer $165
All Other Sports $140
Student Health Insurance (Estimate):  
Fall and Spring Semester $1125
Spring Semester Only $670