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Maroon & Gold — Recapping December 2014

A Note From Home…

“Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?”

OK. Let’s be honest. Who else struggles with the whole “Christmas Music the Day after Thanksgiving” thing?

It is no secret that I love music. I graduated from Eureka with a degree in music with a vocal performance emphasis. I LOVE all types of music. But I have noticed that for the past few years I bristle at the sound of all those familiar carols playing for a WHOLE month prior to Christmas day. I know it is attached to the busy-ness of the season, the quest to get the decorations up, the gifts bought and shipped, the logistics of the family party figured out, etc…all on top of the demands of daily life.

I had a revelation on this issue last weekend as I plunged into Christmas busy-ness. After chatting with my sister about extended family concerns and solutions for them, I hung up the phone (do you do that with a cell phone these days?) and actually heard the words to an updated Christmas carol playing in the background: “Peace on Earth…Goodwill to Men.” The stress I was carrying began to dissipate and the worry associated with getting it all done started drifting away.

I truly believe that God used that melody and those words to remind me of his Greatest Gift and the reason we celebrate. I also believe His purpose for music is to open my heart so I can receive it. Is your heart open? Are you listening? Here is the song that opened my heart to Christmas again this season. I hope it opens your heart too!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Shellie Schwanke
Director of Alumni Relations – Class of ’87

Upcoming Events

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  • Red Devils vs. Fontbonne University Griffins in St. Louis – January 24
  • Alumni Recognition: Red Devils vs. Greenville College Panthers – February 7
  • EC’s Celebration of March Madness at Kelleher’s Irish Pub – March 13

For additional information on any of these events and to make your reservations, contact the Alumni Office at 877-892-7823 or email

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Chaplain’s Corner

Welcome to Chaplain’s Corner, a monthly column presented by Eureka College Chaplain Bruce Fowlkes. Read this month’s Chaplain’s Reflection.

Dr. Logsdon’s Studs Terkel

Dr. Loren Logsdon, Professor Emeritus of English, has captured the spirit of Eureka College history in a special project he fondly calls the “Studs Terkel Project.” The project is a collection of alumni memories and stories which weave a rich tapestry of the Eureka College experience.

Read this month’s article by Loren Logsdon.

The Alumni Office would like to continue the spirit of this project by inviting alumni who attended after 1970 to send in your stories. You can also submit by emailing Dr. Logsdon directly at

This collection of stories is available in the Online EC Bookstore .

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We would love to hear from you! At Eureka College we want to maintain a lifelong relationship with our graduates. We have all heard the saying, “Real life begins after college,” and at Eureka we want to know how our young alumni are faring in their first decade out of college. We appreciate your feedback below, and wish you the very best as you navigate “real life.”

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