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October 24

Jesse Burford – Lowpoint Washburn, Accounting, Touring campus at 9:00 with Mike, Meeting with Professor Burns at 10:00, Meeting with Career Services at 10:30

Katlyn Weber – Erie, Education, Golf, Joining SPE321 with Dr. Loomis, Meeting with Steve at 10:00, Touring Campus at 11:00 with Cheyenne and Brody, Lunch with Dr. Grisham

Ethan Nash – Shelbyville, Education, Cross Country, DOC, Touring campus at 9:00 with Josh and Kenadee, Meeting with Steve at 11:00, Meeting with Dr. Grisham at 11:30, Lunch with Chaplain Fowlkes

Joe Rusch – Dunlap HS, Accounting, Baseball, Touring Campus with Trever at 10:00, Lunch with Coach Hammerstrand

Lauren Goff – Sycamore HS, Basketball, Lunch with Steve at 12:00, Campus Tour with Dylan and Anna at 1:00

April Shuman – Sullivan HS, Pre Vet, Campus Tour at 1:00 with Dylan and Anna, Meet with Dr. Toliver at 2:00

October 25

Natalie Flex – ICC Transfer, Touring Campus at 10:00 with Kathy and Sarah McCooley

Nick Assise – Tinkley Park, Touring Campus at 3:00

Keegan Potter – Sycamore HS, Education, Basketball, Touring campus at 10:00 with Whitley and Jared, Meeting with Basketball Coaches

October 27

Jennifer David – Dunlap, English, Touring Campus at 3:00 with Kayla

Transportation Services & Schedule

To help with transportation during breaks, the College will be offering shuttles to take students to and from the Amtrak Train Station in Normal, IL. If you are available to drive a shuttle please contact Becky Duffield in the Student Programs and Services Office. (Depending on requests a college vehicle may be used in place of a shuttle.)

The fall schedule is as follows:

Fall Break – October 27 & 28 (Sign-up cutoff date: October 21)
Depart Campus on October 24 at 4:45pm to Uptown Station, Normal, IL
Pick up at Uptown Station, Normal, IL on October 28 at 11:45am

Thanksgiving Break – November 26–28 (Sign-up cutoff date: November 19)
Depart Campus on November 25 at 4:45pm to Uptown Station, Normal, IL
Pick up at Uptown Station, Normal, IL on November 30 at 11:45am

Winter Break – December 17–January 18 (Sign-up cutoff date: December 10)
Depart Campus on December 16 at 4:45pm to Uptown Station, Normal, IL
Pick up at Uptown Station, Normal, IL on January 18 at 11:45am

Please Nominate “Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges”

Eureka College is once again participating in the “Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges” program that honors college junior and seniors who have excelled academically and who have served as outstanding servant leaders. This e-mail is to ask for nominations from faculty and staff of students who meet these criteria.

Each faculty and staff member of Eureka College may nominate up to ten (10) students they feel are worthy of consideration for this recognition. The nominations should be sent via email to Becky Duffield by 5:00 pm on October 24.

Once nominated, students are asked to submit additional documentation that is utilized in the review process. Faculty and staff leadership are involved in making the final recommendations to assist us in the selection process. Students selected are notified of their recognition early in the spring semester and will also be honored at the annual Honors Ceremony in April.

There is no cost to us as an educational institution or for the students who are selected to participate in this recognition program.

Any questions may be addressed to Shari Rich or at 467-6421.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this process!

First-Generation 2014-15 Events

First-year, first-generation students at Eureka College have the opportunity to participate in a variety of exciting programs throughout the year. These programs are opportunities for first-generation students to meet other first-generation college students, learn from distinguished faculty, and interact with Eureka College professional staff.

See the First Generation Events for 2014–15. If you are interested in attending scheduled events please call (309-467-6436) or email Sarah Jiter.

Faculty/Staff First-Year Seminar panel discussion

On Wednesday, November 12, from 12–12:50, Jessica Barr be leading a panel discussion for First-Year Seminar students entitled, “Is Studying Abroad for Me?” The purpose of the panel is for faculty and staff who spent some time abroad while they were in college to discuss their experiences—and, most importantly, how these experiences affected their personal and professional lives.

This panel is seen as a complement to the Summer Experience Symposium, which is an opportunity for students to share their recent experiences. The faculty/staff panel will show students how these undergraduate experiences can have a powerful impact on them even decades later.

If you would be interested in serving on this panel, please contact Jessica Barr.

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