August 2014

Eureka College Alumni Relations Michael Murtagh Vice President of Advancement Shellie Schwanke Director of Alumni Relations 300 E. College Avenue Eureka, Illinois 61530 (309) 467-6317 877-892-7823 Join us at one of our upcoming events Please stay in touch! Moving? New cell number? New email? Please help us stay in touch with you! Donate now to the Graduation Pathway Project to get your place in history Send us your Class Notes – we'd love to… Continue Reading »

June 2014

Maroon & Gold — Recapping June 2014 A Note From Home… Dear Alumni, Summertime! Wow! I sure am enjoying SUMMER! I think that the combination of the seemingly endless winter we endured (so-much-SNOW) along with the busy-ness of travel and commitments that consumed the entire spring semester has caused me to really soak up the beautiful sunshine, lush flora and fauna of our midwestern, small town backyard oasis (we are talking watching the cardinals and… Continue Reading »

May 2014

Maroon & Gold — Recapping May 2014 A Note From Home… Dear Alumni, What constitutes a tradition? Here at Eureka, we have many: Rum cake burial, alma mater singing at every formal event, the college bells at the close of each work day, the list goes on and on. As I prepare to share with you reflections on this months events, I once again find myself looking for fresh words to share about commencement, an… Continue Reading »

April 2014

Maroon & Gold — Recapping April 2014 A Note From Home... Home is where the heart is! The finish line is in our sights and the home stretch is upon us! Yes, today is the last day of class for our students and faculty. Now it is on to finals and the grand finale, commencement! The student stress of finishing projects, presentations and finals will soon transition into the biggest celebration of the year. Yes,… Continue Reading »

March 2014

Maroon & Gold – Recapping April 2014 A Note From Home... Home is where the heart is! The month of March has been a very busy one, taking me from Eureka (my college home and family home for 26 years) to Ireland (the home of the Killeleas and Grahams which are my family heritage), to Arizona, the home of many special Eureka College alumni and Spring Training! My head is spinning as I reflect on… Continue Reading »