January 2014

  Maroon & Gold – Recapping January 2014 A Note From Home... A Cure for Cabin Fever… Are you ready? The Alumni Leadership Connections Conference is almost upon us! We have had a wonderful response from alumni who are excited to return to campus this weekend to reconnect with their alma mater while connecting with fellow alumni and current students. Building pride and community: that is what we do in the alumni/development office and that… Continue Reading »

December 2013

  Maroon & Gold – Recapping December 2013 A Note From Home... Christmastime is HERE.... And it sure has come quickly! Sometimes in the busy-ness of preparing to celebrate this blessed season, I can easily succumb to feeling like I'm just not ready. I am reminded today that the most important thing that needs to be ready is ME. Is my heart in the right place? Am I focusing on things or people, making memories… Continue Reading »

November 2013

  Maroon & Gold – Recapping November 2013 A Note From Home... Tis the Season to be Thankful Thankfulness...sometimes it comes naturally. Other times we have to dig deep. When we look below the surface of the daily grind, underneath the circumstances of our daily lives, we can discover that gratitude can be a state of mind that lifts us out of the inconveniences of the day or the difficulty we may find ourselves in… Continue Reading »

October 2013

  Maroon & Gold – Recapping October 2013 A Note From Home... Celebration and Sorrow: Doing Life Together As I reflect on the month of October I can only define it as a month of great celebration and significant sorrow for our college community. Homecoming was a spectacular weekend with hundreds (maybe thousands) of alumni returning to celebrate all things Eureka and a big win by the Red Devils over Westminster. Dedications of the Burklund… Continue Reading »

September 2013

  Maroon & Gold – Recapping September 2013 The most wonderful time of the year is upon us! No, not Christmas....HOMECOMING!!! The alumni board has been meeting and working hard to bring you the BEST HOMECOMING EVER during the weekend of October 4-5, 2013. All the events are listed at the link below. We hope to see you back home where you belong...here in Eureka. You will be so glad you did! Homecoming is October… Continue Reading »