NSSE – Learning with Peers

2013 National Survey of Student Engagement highlights engaged learning at Eureka


NSSE Overview

Theme #2: Learning with Peers

Collaborating with others in mastering difficult material and developing interpersonal and social competence prepare students to deal with complex, unscripted problems they will encounter during and after college. Two Engagement Indicators make up this theme: Collaborative Learning and Discussions with Diverse Others. Below are views of Eureka College alongside our comparison groups.

Engagement Indicator 2a

Collaborative Learning – First-Year and Senior students


NSSE Learning with Peers – Collaborative Learning

Engagement Indicator 2b

Discussions with Diverse Others – First-Year and Senior students


NSSE Learning with Peers – Discussions with Diverse Others


What factors are unique to the EC experience that contributed to our success in this area of engagement?

What recommendations do you have to continue improving in this area?

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