Residential Life

It’s A Great Place To Be

This is a very exciting time at Eureka College, particularly in the area of Housing & Residence Life! We recently opened a brand new residence hall, Ivy Hall, and have also recently completed a series of significant renovations and updates on our existing residence halls.

Choosing to live on campus may be one of the best decisions a student can make as we strongly believe that the “out of classroom” learning experience is a significant part of a college education! We highly recommend that all students take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Residence halls are more than just dorms or places to eat and sleep. Living on campus provides great opportunities for students to develop meaningful friendships and get involved with campus organizations and the overall college community. Typically, around 85% of our first year freshmen live on campus.


Living On Campus. Is It Required?

Eureka College requires that all full time students live in the residence halls on campus unless approval is granted by the Director of Residence Life or the Dean of Students. Students who are granted exemptions from living on campus meet one or more of the following criteria:

1) commute from a parent’s primary residence (within a 50 mile radius)

2) are pursuing a second bachelor’s degree

3) are entering their 5th year of college with senior status

4) over 23 years of age

5) married

6) hold a full time internship or student teaching position off campus

Students who feel they qualify to live off campus may apply for “commuter” status by filling out the

off campus housing request form and returning it to the SPS Office in the Cerf Center.


What Else Do I Need To Know?

Selecting A Roommate

Aside from Langston Hall, a majority of rooms on campus are double occupancy rooms that students share with a roommate. Although we cannot provide a private rooms for all students interested, students should specify on their housing contract if they are interested in paying the additional cost to have their own room.


Room assignments and roommate/suitemate assignments are made based on the date that the students’ housing contract and refundable housing deposit ($150) are received. While there is no guarantee of residence hall, we will give priority to the housing contracts and deposits received before April 1, 2013 based on the date we receive them. If you have yet to tour our Residence Halls on campus and would like to do so, please contact our Admissions Office to set up an appointment!


Students may request to have a specific roommate, but should do so before June 1 for the upcoming fall semester. This request will be honored as long as both students specify on their contract that they are interested in living together before June 1. If a student does not request a specific roommate/suitemate, they will be paired based on their completed roommate survey. Formal notice of all room and roommate/suitemate assignments will be mailed out in mid-July for the upcoming fall semester. Eureka College attempts to respond to each and every request.

Students interested in switching rooms/roommates must talk with their RA and the Director of Residence Life. No room changes will be granted during the first two weeks of the semester.


What Is An RA?

Resident Advisors (RA’s) are student members of the Residence Life Staff who live on the floors in the residence halls. An RA is assigned to each floor. This person is a student’s initial contact whenever there are questions or concerns. Our RA to student ratio is 19:1 which helps us to be very visible and accessible to residents. The RA is also responsible for building community, planning programs, explaining and enforcing policies, mediating roommate conflicts, handling concerns, and being a friend or big “brother/sister” to the residents on their floor.


What Should I Bring?

There is a link to a suggested packing list available on our website, which you will also receive when you come to a Jump Start or TRANSFERmation session over the summer. Please keep in mind that the following items are not permitted in the residence halls: AC window units/space heaters, Foreman-style grills, open coiled cooking instruments, toasters/toaster ovens, water beds, halogen lamps, weapons/BB guns/air guns/paintball guns, knives (larger than a pocket knife), alcohol/drug paraphernalia, alcohol can/bottle collections, or pets (other than fish/10 gallon tank or less)!

Students are welcome to bring bikes, but are encouraged to bring a lock to secure it to one of several outdoor bike racks located throughout campus. Bikes are not permitted in the residence halls, unless they are kept inside a student’s room.


Can I Decorate My Room?

Residents are encouraged to decorate individual rooms to their liking. However, wallpaper and contact paper should not be used and students are not allowed to paint their rooms. Residents should also refrain from using nails, screws, and duct tape which cause lasting damage to the walls. We strongly encourage residents to use putty and command strips in order to hang pictures and posters on the walls.


Is Storage Available?

Eureka College does not offer storage space for residential students. Residents wishing to store belongings during the year or over the summer are encouraged to call a local storage facility in Eureka.


Can I Bring A Car?

Currently, all residential students are welcome to bring a car to campus and register for a parking permit. Although many residential students may enjoy having a car on campus, it is not a necessity. All residential and commuter students wishing to bring a car must be sure to complete the Parking Registration Form. This form should be completed before the first day of class in order to avoid receiving a parking permit. Residential students and commuter students each have designated parking lots that they must park in. More information about specific parking lots is given out after a student registers for their parking permit. There is not an additional charge to register for and receive a parking permit.


Campus Police

A Eureka city police officer serves on campus each night, even during the summer and on breaks. The officer begins their shift on campus between 5pm and 7pm, and is on campus until between 1am and 3am depending on the day. The officer does rounds of the residence halls each night with the Resident Advisors on duty and is also available as a student escort when needed. Officers patrol campus in a marked vehicle. A college cell phone is held by the officer each night and students can reach the officer by calling (309) 339-0321. The Eureka City Police dispatch can be contacted at (309) 467-2375.


Residence Hall Policies I Need To Be Aware Of Are:

The State of Illinois law provides that any person less than 21 years of age who attempts to purchase, possess, consume, or transport any alcoholic beverages within Illinois is subject to fine or imprisonment or both. The College does not condone violation of the law with respect to underage drinking. Eureka College’s full alcohol and other drug policy may be located in the Student Handbook.

All Eureka College residence halls are non-smoking. Those wishing to smoke must do so outside and at least 15 feet away from any entrance. Smoking receptacles are located near most halls on campus.

If there is any damage or vandalism done in the residence halls on campus and the College cannot identify responsible individuals, the College may require that all of the residents of that floor and/or building pay a prorated group charge to cover the cost of the damage.

Students are not allowed to burn candles or incense in their rooms.

Guests and friends of residents are welcome on campus at any time. Residents wishing to have a guest over MUST have the consent of their roommate beforehand. Residents wishing to have a guest stay for more than three consecutive nights must have prior approval from Residence Life. Students are responsible for the actions of their guest if the guest is not a student of Eureka College.

Eureka College upholds “quiet hours” on every residence hall floor on campus from 11pm until 7am. During this time, residents must keep music and all other noise to a minimum. “Courtesy hours” exist 24 hours a day. Therefore, residents must be respectful towards their neighbors, in regards to noise, at all times.

There are no pets permitted in the residence halls, with the exception of fish.

More information on residential policies may be accessed through the Eureka College Student Handbook >.


Staying On Campus

Break Housing

As you are making plans for the year, please be reminded that the residence halls close 3 times throughout the year. For the 2013-2014 academic year, the residence halls will be closed for:

Thanksgiving Break: Close at 5pm on Tuesday, November 26th; Re-open at 8am on Sunday, December 1st.

Winter Break: Close at 5pm on Tuesday, December 10th; Re-open at 8am on Sunday, January 12th

Spring Break: Close at 5pm on Friday, March 7th; Re-open at 8am on Sunday, March 16th

Students needing to stay on campus during these breaks for a college related reasons (athletics, on campus job, student teaching, internship, etc) may do so free of charge with prior approval. Others could be charged $10/night.


Summer Housing

Summer housing is offered to any current Eureka College student that will be taking summer courses, working at an on campus job, or working off campus with the need to stay in the area. Summer housing rates differ based on which building you stay in and your reason for staying. Housing will be available in Gunz Hall. Alumni Court will be used for overflow, if needed.

Prices are as follows:

$140/month – Double room in Gunz Hall with roommate for students working on campus $240/month – Double room in Gunz Hall with roommate for students taking EC summer classes $330/month – Double room in Gunz Hall with roommate for students working off campus $360/month – Private room in Gunz Hall (if space is available, with priority given to those taking classes)

$130/month – Double room in Alumni Court with roommate for students working on campus $220/month – Double room in Alumni Court with roommate for students taking EC summer classes $305/month – Double room in Alumni Court with roommate for students working off campus $330/month – Private room in Alumni Court (if space is available, with priority given to those taking classes) The above rates will be prorated accordingly based on length of occupancy.


The above rates will be prorated accordingly based on length of occupancy.


If you are interested in summer housing, please stop by the SPS Office or click the link to pick up a

Summer Housing Request Form. In assigning rooms, preference will be given to those taking summer courses and those who get their forms turned in first. To guarantee summer housing, your Summer Housing Request Form should be returned to the SPS Office no later than 5pm on Friday, May 3rd.

A $50 refundable housing deposit will need to be paid to the Business Office before you turn in your Summer Housing Request Form.


Upcoming Residence Life Dates To Remember

Fall 2013


August 17th – Move-In Day

November 26th – Residence Halls Close for Thanksgiving Break @ 5pm

December 1st – Residence Halls Re-Open @ 8am

December 10th – Residence Halls Close for Winter Break @ 5pm

Spring/Summer 2014

January 11th – Residence Halls Open for New Residents 8am-6pm

January 12th – Residence Halls Open at 8am for Returning Residents

February 3rd – Resident Advisor (RA) Applications Available for Fall 2013

March 3rd – Summer Housing Information Available

March 7th – Residence Halls Close for Spring Break @ 5pm

March 16th – Residence Halls Re-Open at 8am

March 17th – Fall Housing Information Available for Returning Students

March 21st – RA Applications due for Fall 2014

May 2nd – Deadline to Sign-Up for Summer Housing

May 10th – Residence Halls Close @ 5pm for Summer

May 15th – Students Move to Summer Housing

June 1st – Last Day to Change Fall Housing Preferences and/or Request a Roommate

July 14-18th – Fall Housing Assignments are Mailed out to all Residential Students


Residence Halls (link to REsidence Halls & Greek under Student Life)