The Ronald Reagan Peace Garden

Reagan Peace Garden

A place of remembrance

In a May 9, 1982 speech at Eureka College, President Reagan challenged the Soviet Union to a new era of negotiations to reduce nuclear arms — called START. The speech has been labeled “The Beginning of the End of the Cold War.”

To commemorate President Reagan’s commitment to world peace and the important 1982 speech he presented at Eureka, the College dedicated the Ronald Reagan Peace Garden in May of 2000. The Peace Garden was a gift to the College from Mr. and Mrs. David J. Vaughan of Peoria Heights, Illinois.

Dedicated on the 18th anniversary of what is known as “The Eureka Speech,” highlights of the Peace Garden include a bust of Mr. Reagan, sculpted by nationally-recognized artist, Lonnie Stewart. In designing the bust, Mr. Stewart commented, “There are many different images of Ronald Reagan but I think the one that’s most dear to the hearts of all the millions of Americans who loved him, is that Ronald Reagan smile. A smile of reassurance, of dignity and integrity, and one that we all know and love.”

The Peace Garden also includes a large remnant of the Berlin Wall. It is only fitting that a piece of the symbolic barrier between East and West that Mr. Reagan helped bring down has found a place at Eureka.