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EC Food Service

Please take a few moments to complete the dining services survey for the Commons and Burgoo. We would appreciate your feedback, and at the end of the survey, you will be entered into a drawing for the chance to win a $25 Casey’s Gift Card. Thank you for your time, and letting us know how to improve your dining experience.

Homecoming 2014

Homecoming banner

Read more about the events of the week and be sure to like the EC Homecoming page on Facebook for any info you may want to know and tag your posts and photos with #ECHomecoming.

Homecoming Re-Vote

After counting the ballots, we need to announce that there was a tie and a re-vote is in order for today to determine the members of your royal court. There will be a run-off between Meg Simpson and Brenna Baxter within the royal court. Please come out to vote!

The Burgoo will be closed on Friday due to all the festivities and no classes. Lunch for Homecoming Day will be held at the tailgate parking lot 11:45 to 12:30.

Eureka College Business Society is no longer going to be setting up tables to sell Homecoming t-shirts but if you are still wanting a t-shirt, please email us.

Please list the size of the shirt you desire. They are still $10 (cash or check only!). We will be selling what shirts we have left at the Homecoming game this Saturday (October 4th). So come get your shirt while supplies last! For those of you that email us, you can pick up your shirt at the game!

Our Homecoming 2014 “Charity of Choice” is the American Red Cross. We will be raising funds throughout the week to support the American Red Cross- Tornado Relief Cause. This cause hits close to home for many of our community members. Please consider joining us as we raise funds for this great cause throughout the week.

Fundraising activities include:

Homecoming Buttons: $1.00 per button
50/50 Raffle Tickets: $1.00 per ticket (winner will receive 50% of all money collected)
Eureka College T-Shirt Raffle: $1.00 per ticket
“Best Seat in the House” Lip Sync: $1.00 per ticket
“Best Seat in the House” Entertainment Night: $1.00 per ticket

Opportunities to donate will be available to you during homecoming activities each day or in the SPS Office. At Convocation on Friday, a Carol Bersin, a Washington tornado victim and American Red Cross client will be a featured speaker. Please join us at 10:30am on Friday to hear her words of thanks and hope.

#ECHomecoming Photo Challenge

Eureka College is celebrating Homecoming Week with the #ECHomecoming photo challenge.

The challenge will run Monday, September 29, to Saturday, October 4, and is open to anyone in the EC community participating in Homecoming events.

Each day of the challenge, participants may post a photo that fits that day’s description using the hashtag #ECHomecoming.

Homecoming photo challenge
  • Monday: Superhero
  • Tuesday: Describe EC in one picture
  • Wednesday: Selfie with faculty/staff (or just yourself)
  • Thursday: Campus Beauty (bonus for original use of squirrels)
  • Friday: EC Swag
  • Saturday: Students & Alumni / #ILoveEC

Photos need to agree to Instagram and Twitter terms of use. Make sure your photos represent EC well.

If there are any Homecoming-related questions or concerns, please contact Kirstin Meyers.

Opportunity to hear the Peoria Symphony Orchestra

Peoria Symphony Orchestra
Saturday, October 18, 2014 @ 8pm
Peoria Civic Center Theater

Program: Star-Crossed Love
Tchaikovsky: Romeo and Juliet
Berlioz: Romeo and Juliet
Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet

Only $5 for free round-trip transportation from Eureka College and a concert ticket!

Early reservation date required! Sign-up with an email response to Dr. Joe Henry before 5pm Wednesday, October 1st.

#ECInferno – Student Section

One of the great things about Saturday afternoons in the fall is that it has a tremendous way of binding all of us together. Alumni, friends and current students have fond memories surrounding football games at McKinzie Field, and we want to make Saturday afternoons an even bigger event this year.

As our student-athletes write their stories of success both on and off the field, we want you to be important characters in these stories. It begins with #ECInferno, the student section. With your support the #ECInferno section will become the most electric atmosphere in the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference. Look for the #ECInferno Banner when you enter McKinzie Field.

#ECInferno will continue in support of our other amazing students with free giveaways and special events around other Eureka College events. We will be sure to keep you informed on all of those events as the approach.

Save the Date! Campus Leadership Conference November 14–15

Alumni Leadership Conference

The Leadership Ambassador Team would like to invite you to attend the 2014 Leadership Conference, Inspiring Connections: Creating Constellations! This year’s theme will focus on the value of connecting to others via mentoring and networking as part of the leadership journey!

The conference will take place on campus, Friday, November 14th and Saturday, November 15th, 2014. This great opportunity is open to all students and free of charge!

~~Some exciting features included this year will be the senior track option where seniors have the option to participate in the Alumni offerings of the conference, an etiquette lunch, and plenty of opportunities to interact with alumni and make connections!~~

We hope that you plan to take advantage of this wonderful and exciting opportunity! Be on the look out for Online Registration beginning October 6th, 2014!

**Also, just a friendly reminder that while recognized campus organizations are encouraged to send as many of their members as possible, groups are required to send a minimum of two students to the conference as the sole representatives of their organization. Start prepping now!**

We can’t wait to see you at the conference!

Please feel free to contact Lindzey Wheeler or Gretchen Schlossler with any questions or for more information.

Student Senate

Candidates and Senators

Thank you all for the great turn out we had with elections the past couple of days.

The results are in and I would like to congratulate Bobby Mathius and Oakleigh Beard on their first- and second-year Vice President win as well as the Senator-at-Large winner, Aaron Meyer.

Thank you to all those who helped with elections and to everyone who voted!

Access Student Senate minutes

General Information

Have general on-campus questions? Read the General Information page.