Design Your Degree

Can’t find a program that is right for you?

Design one yourself!

We provide you the opportunity to customize an individualized major or minor based on your academic and professional objectives. Design a program that matches your interests. We understand that an existing major might not reflect your exact academic need, and we want you to have the most fulfilling experience possible during your time at Eureka College so that you can begin your career with confidence in your preparation.

Individualized Major and Minor Info

  • Students interested in an individualized major or minor must obtain approval from their faculty advisor and two other sponsoring faculty members.
  • All individualized majors and minors must meet the minimum standards for majors and minors established in the CollegeCatalog.
  • Applications for an individualized major or minor must besubmitted to the Curriculum Committee for approval by the end of the sophomore year, or by the end of the first semester after transfer.