Music Education (K–12 Teacher Certification)

Vocal Music Education

The major in Vocal Music Education is designed for those students who plan to teach vocal music (Grades K-12).

All Music Education majors must pass the piano proficiency requirement prior to the student teaching experience (EDU464). Enrollment in an ensemble for 0-1 credit is required in every semester except for the semester of student teaching.

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Music Education

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Music Education (Vocal Music, K-12) with Teacher Licensure

88 hours of coursework, consisting of the following:

All of the following    
MUS210 Introduction to Music Theory 3
MUS220 Music Theory II 3
MUS231 Choral Conducting 2
MUS250 Introduction to Music Education 2
MUS308 Music in Its Historical Perspective I 3
MUS318W Music in Its Historical Perspective II 3
MUS320 Music Theory III 3
MUS328 Music in Its Historical Perspective III 3
MUS330 Music Theory IV 3
MUS331 Advanced Choral Conducting 2
MUS333 Applied Piano (4 semesters & proficiency exam) 4
MUS334 Applied Voice (4 semesters) 4
TOTAL:   35
Plus the following Professional Education courses    
EDU170 Introduction to Curriculum and Instructional Design 3
EDU185 Foundations of American Education 3
EDU227W Educational Psychology 3
EDU228L Educational Psychology Field Experience 0.5
EDU229 Educating the Exceptional Child 3
EDU350 Language and Literacy in Adolescence 1
EDU364A Music Education Diversity Practicum 1
EDU364B Music Education Content Practicum 1
EDU390 Educational Technology 2
EDU431W Educational Assessment 2
EDU435 Field Experience for Secondary Student Teachers 0.5
EDU445 Teaching Elementary Vocal Music 4
EDU446 Teaching Secondary Vocal Music 4
EDU455 Education Seminar 1
EDU464 Student Teaching 14
TOTAL:   43
Plus all of the following    
HED179 First Aid, CPR, and Injury Prevention 1
MAT260 Statistics 3
PSY207 Middle Childhood and Adolescent Development 3
One of the following    
COM110 Introduction to Public Speaking 3
THA130 Acting I – Introduction to Acting 3
TOTAL:   10