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Rhea Edge, Fine and Performing Arts Division Chair

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Division Chair:
Ms. Rhea Edge

The Fine and Performing Arts division includes five majors, each of which benefits from Eureka’s liberal arts emphasis. In addition to learning the specific skills and concepts of their majors, students learn broadly flexible skills, such as critical thinking and collaboration, and explore important values, such as community service and social change.

Eureka’s Artist-in-Residence

David Commanday, the founding artistic director and conductor of the Heartland Festival Orchestra, has served as the College’s artist-in-residence since February 2012. Commanday works with faculty and staff to explore and develop new opportunities in performing arts programming at the college.

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The major/minor in art is designed for diverse media exploration, with a concentration in either 2D or 3D production. Courses in art history, gallery experiences, and special topics opportunities provide a foundation where historic context and contemporary issues provide a foundation where historic context and contemporary issues serve as a frame of reference for developing individual modes of expression.


Courses in music provide opportunities for enrichment through a variety of musical experiences, including classroom study, group and private lessons, and ensemble participation. The major in Music serves as a foundation for further study in graduate school and for careers in performance, composition, and education. The minor, combined with a major in Business Administration or Communication, offers opportunities for careers in arts management, music broadcasting, and music business.

Theatre Arts & Drama

The course of study in theatre arts and drama is generalist in nature since the discipline itself demands a vast, well-rounded understanding of the history, literature, theory and practical applications of many art forms. The collaborative nature of theatre allows the student critical thinking skills, keen powers of observation and a true liberal arts preparation for advanced and graduate study in all areas of theatre as well as law, communications and ministerial work. The major also offers overseas study and internships with major theatre groups, including our exclusive arrangement with major movie, television,and theatre producers.

Fine and Performing Arts Majors


  • Art
  • Music
  • Theatre Arts & Drama

Pre-Professional Program

  • Pre-Art Therapy
  • Pre-Music Therapy