Digital & Media Design

Major in Digital and Media Design

Design and media are particularly suited to interdisciplinary thinking. And, that’s what we do best at Eureka College. As a liberal arts institution, Eureka College offers a premier liberal arts experience where students gain a powerful grasp of the world, make connections across disciplines and gain broadly applicable, practical skills. The new Digital & Media Design program at Eureka College blends areas as diverse as design, art, communication and business to provide students with well-rounded exposure as preparation for the dynamic, contemporary job market.

Why study this program at Eureka?

A 160-year old institution, what better place to study design and digital media than Eureka College? While that might seem counterintuitive, design is all about a strong foundation. With the right building blocks, even the most off-the-wall creations can be effective in achieving their goals. At Eureka College, in both the classroom and throughout the campus community, you can expect a strong, historic foundation combined with a thriving contemporary culture.


MAJOR – 39 hours of coursework consisting of the following:

Required: ART 410 Exhibit & Portfolio Preparation (3 credit hours)

Six of the following:   18 credit hours, 2 at the 300 level)
ART106 Design Fundamentals 3
ART 110 Drawing Fundamentals 3
ART 206 Intro Graphic Design 3
ART 241 Darkroom Fundamentals 3
ART 245 Digital Photography Fundamentals 3
ART 250 Web Design 3
ART 280 Printmaking 3
ART 290 Typography 3
ART 306 Advanced Graphic Design 3
ART 310 Illustrating for the Literary Market 3
ART 345 Advanced Digital Imaging & Photoshop 3
ART 350 Selected Studio Topics 3
ART 380W Seminar in Visual Culture 3

Required: BUA 230 Marketing (3 credit hours)

Two of the following:   (6 credit hours)
BUA 311 Entrepreneurship 3
BUA 331 Consumer Behavior 3
BUA 333 Retailing 3
BUA 334 Advertising 3

Required: COM 110 Introduction to Public Speaking 3(total 9 credit hours)


Two of the following:   (6 credit hours)
COM230 Mass Media 3
COM310W Advanced Speech Writing and Presentation 3
COM311W Messages and Meaning 3
COM355 Public Relations 3
COM370W Professional Communication 3
ENG 120 (Introduction to Creative Writing) 3


What to Expect

Courses meet either for two 75-minute lecture periods or three 50-minute periods each week, with 3 to 5 studio lab hours required weekly in studio courses. Once-a-week night course options are also available. Eureka offers large studio spaces with plenty of room and a relaxing atmosphere to work in. The College is equipped with four computer learning labs dispersed throughout campus or students may bring their own computer, laptop or tablet as desired. Students should plan to utilize the professional standard for design software: Adobe Creative Cloud. Eureka offers substantial student discounts for the subscription.

Classroom Experience in this Major at Eureka

Students will work in and individually to analyze design examples, assignments and course content, as well as evaluate written drafts, install art exhibits, complete work for murals or engage in other community-based art, business and communication projects. The course experiences will involve lecture, demonstration, critique and applied lessons, with time remaining for individual studio practice.