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Where learning, service, and leadership go hand-in-hand

We believe that a liberal arts education prepares you for more than a first job: it prepares you to become a leader in your field and in your community. The knowledge and skills you will acquire and hone during your four years at Eureka will also prepare you to pursue careers in fields that emerge over the next 50 years, many of which may not even exist when you graduate.

At Eureka you’ll find opportunities to lead by serving others in the College community and across the region. In your first semester on campus, you’ll participate in a service project in your First-Year Seminar class. That experience will help you begin to identify other ways to put your liberal arts education to use serving the community.

At Eureka you’ll find faculty members who will push you to accomplish things that you might think impossible. They’ll hold you to high academic standards but they will be there to help and support you along the way. You will find them in their offices ready to meet you and answer your questions, clarify what they covered in class, or help you to shape a sense of your vocation. You will see them eating in the dining hall with students as well as colleagues. And you will see them at theatre productions, gallery openings, and volleyball games. Because we are a small, tight-knit community, they will get to know you even if they haven’t had you for a class.

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The academic program at Eureka College seeks to maintain a balance between requirements which all students must meet and freedom for each student to select those courses which will best match and further one’s own interests, skills, and life plan. The structure of the curriculum has been designed to reflect this balance. The College believes that there are certain basic skills and a common core of knowledge possessed by anyone who would call him/herself truly educated. The program at Eureka is rigorous both in its goals and in the effort it demands, but the College believes that it is also exciting and satisfying.