The Humanities Division finds its center in the study of what it means to be human. Humans long for the infinite; therefore, the Humanities profess religion, the spiritual vision of life. Humans seek to understand; therefore, the Humanities profess diversity, as found in the visions of life held in languages and by various cultures. Humans imagine; therefore, the Humanities profess literature, the poetic vision of life. Humans manifest their longings, their inquiries, their diversity, and their imagination in the written word, therefore, the Humanities profess grace and precision in those expressions. A student who has encountered these visions is prepared for life and for whatever pursuit he or she should decide to affirm. Such a student is particularly prepared for public service and for the professions of ministry, education, law, communications, and journalism.

Minors are offered in Communication, English-Literature, English-Writing, Leadership, Philosophy and Religion, and Spanish. We also offer courses in French and Ancient Greek.



Pre-Professional Program