Dr. Keith Tookey

Professor of Computer Science

Office: VB 7A
Phone: (309) 467-6445
Email: tookey@eureka.edu


PhD, Educational Psychology (Computers and Cognition), University of Wisconsin (Madison), 1994
MS, Computer Science, University of Wisconsin (Madison), 1990
MS, Computer Science, University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1981

Research Interests

My primary interest is use of computers in education, growing out of my original interest in Artificial Intelligence.
I have a broad interest in Cognitive Science issues, which is the common thread in my work in Computer Science, Math, Education, Psychology, Educational Psychology, Philosophy, and Library Science. I also enjoy interdisciplinary work, some of which centers around teaching with Science Fiction. I truly enjoy the collaboration I have had with Loren Logsdon, including a publication that tied together our common interests.

Teaching Interests

Obviously, I love to teach Computer Science. I use a problem solving approach based on what the AACU calls ‘Liberal Education”. I also really enjoy teaching General Education classes such as Senior Seminar (where I use Science Fiction) and Western Civilization. In my career I have taught Computer Science, Math, Philosophy, Art, Religion, Literature, Science, and of course interdisciplinary courses.

Professional Activity

I am a regular reviewer for ‘The Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges’. Currently, I am working with adapting the POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) approach to Computer Science. I also write articles related to my work in interdisciplinary education, such as my intitiial collaboration with Loren Logsdon on a comparison of Fahrenheit 451 to Dante’s Divine Comedy, and my current work in using Science Fiction to teach perspectives on a Liberal Arts Education.


I have a wife who is a Nurse Practitioner, and three sons. My youngest had his Eagle Scout Board of Honor in 2013, giving me a triple Eagle. I still help with Boy Scouts, teach Sunday School, and I am a licensed Foster Parent. In what spare time I have, I enjoy Computer Games, and reading Science Fiction.