The Learning Center


Take Your Learning To Another Level

  • Need advice on study habits, organization, test taking skills, or stress management?
  • Need someone to help you with a challenging paper and guide you through the writing process?
  • Need extra assistance before a big math test?
  • Need additional services to help you with special needs challenges?

Then you need The Learning Center.

The Learning Center provides free academic support services for ALL Eureka College students. The Center has two support services The Writing Center and The Math Lab. Both areas provide tutoring, advice, and individualized guidance.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center provides feedback at any stage of the writing process—brainstorming, composing, revising, editing, and proofreading. Students can receive peer assistance for course related assignments, as well as personal writing projects. Student tutors, who have an English background and are trained by an English professor, guide students to writing success. It is important for students to realize that tutors will guide students, not write or rewrite assignments for them. Also, the best results occur when students don’t make a last moment stop, but rather visit early and/or frequently, so quality writing and revision emerges. Student tutors will be located at the Burgoo, Learning Center, and Melick Library during specified times.

Fall 2016
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Morning Claire Duffield
11am–12pm (Burgoo)
Erika Holum
9am–11am (Burgoo)
Claire Duffield
11am–12pm (Burgoo)
Erika Holum
9am–11am (Burgoo)
Savannah McClellan
12pm–1pm (Burgoo)
Savannah McClellan
12pm–1pm (Burgoo)
Savannah McClellan
12pm–1pm (Burgoo)
Savannah McClellan
12pm–1pm (Burgoo)
Claire Duffield
7pm–8pm (Burgoo)
Claire Duffield
7pm–8pm (Burgoo)
Claire Duffield
7pm–8pm (Sanders)

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*Appointments and tutors for specific courses are available upon request. The Writing Center is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

The Math Lab

The Math Lab will have a new format this year. An Education/Math Professor and a student tutor will provide one-on-one assistance for Math 098 and 099 courses. Both are available for assistance during requested times and locations. However, if tutoring is needed for higher level math courses, then tutors will be sought out for specific student requests. Please contact the Director of the Learning Center at 309-467-6520 for these specific needs.

The Speech Center

The Center for Public Speaking and Civil Discourse, located in Melick Library, aims to create a comfortable environment for students to practice public speaking. In each 20-minute session, the center aims to help you:

  • Reduce your communication apprehension (performance anxiety)
  • Construct an effective, audience-centered presentation
  • Improve upon your verbal and nonverbal delivery

Speech Center tutors will provide you with quality, constructive feedback on your classroom presentation.

You may also schedule the room to explore and use our equipment, which includes: a projector and viewing screen, document camera, muslin backdrops, photography lighting, green screen software, and more.

To view our ability and to schedule an appointment, click here.

Other Help

In addition to these support services, course tutors and study groups can be arranged in most subject areas. Simply contact the Center to set up an individualized appointment. Also, the Center can provide individual consultation on specific academic struggles. Assistance can be given on time and stress management, study skills, and course specific concerns.

Technology Available

Outside the Learning Center there are four computers for student usage. They are available 24 hours and print calls can be made during Center hours. Also, constructive feedback and tips on improving your multimedia presentations are provided through the Learning Center. Give the Center a call to set up an appointment.

“I have been coming to the Learning Center for the last 3 years.  It has been a great resource for me.  I especially like it because it is a quiet and safe place to study, take a test, or get help when you need it. I don’t know what I would have done without it over the years.” Nichole Holmes

“As a non-traditional student, the Learning Center has been a great service to me.  I have always been able to find somebody to help me revise a paper, brainstorm an idea, or simply check my work. It is comforting to know the service is there if you need it.” Elizabeth Emmett

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Learning Center Helpful Links

Information at your fingertips

Here are several web sites which offer links, handouts, and self-guided tutorials that should prove helpful to both faculty and students. Students are especially encouraged to use them when the Eureka College Writing Center is closed and face-to-face consultations are not possible.

Purdue University Online Writing Lab

  • Most referenced OWL on the Web
  • Grammar and spelling help
  • Guides to style and editing
  • Extensive collection of research links
  • Links for doing research and writing in specialized areas
  • ESL links
  • Interactive exercises

University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) Writing Center

  • Extensive list of handouts
  • Immense number of links
  • Writing for specific fields

University of Kansas Writing Center

  • Huge number of handouts
  • Links to specialized writing resources
  • Writing help for diverse needs from dissertations to resumes
  • Writing for different disciplines

DePaul University Writing Center

  • Specialized ESL assistance
  • Links to online interactive exercises
  • Writing-related publications (including links to non-DePaul sites) including some for publishing your writing

Colorado State Writing Center

  • Handouts on writing-related issues
  • Interactive tutorials
  • Interactive demonstrations
  • Writing gallery
  • Specialized composing/writing courses
  • Links to sites on library research
  • Writing for specific fields

University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center

  • An online writing handbook great!
  • Specialized writing sites for diverse disciplines

University of Cincinnati Center for Learning Assistance

  • Handouts

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Disability Support Services

Becoming the best you can be

Eureka College seeks to assist individuals with disabilities by providing accommodations and services that will assist in promoting a student’s success and integration into college and college related activities. The Director of the Learning Center coordinates the Disability Support Services for the College and works with students, faculty, and staff to ensure equal opportunity to all programs. All services must be requested by the user.

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