Major in Elementary Education

Students seeking an Elementary Education major must meet the graduation requirements of the College, State of Illinois Content Area Standards courses, and the professional education curriculum.

Requirements for a major in Elementary Education

Completion of all requirements in the Content Area Standards and Professional Education curricula.

Content Area Standards

The following Content Area Standards courses are required of all Elementary Education majors. Many of these courses align with requirements in the Eureka College General Education Curriculum. Students should consult with their academic advisors regarding the alignment of these courses with General Education.

All of the following:
ENG103W Academic Writing and Research 3
ENG301W Advanced Academic Writing and Research 3
HED179 First Aid, CPR, and Injury Prevention 1
MAT260 Statistics 3
PSC150 American Government (National) 3
PSY205 Psychology of Childhood through Adolescence 3
THA130 Acting I – Introduction to Acting 3
One of the following:
BIO121 Environmental Biology 4
BIO130 General Biology 4
BIO136 Evolution for Everyone 4
EVS151 Introduction to Environmental Science Policy 4
One of the following:
CHM121 Survey of Chemistry 4
PHS110 Introduction to Physical Science 4
One of the following:
ART101W Art Appreciation 3
ART106 Design Fundamentals 3
ART110 Drawing Fundamentals 3
ART111 Painting Fundamentals 3
ART212 Sculpture and Mixed Media 3
ART219W Ancient Art 3
ART224W Medieval Art 3
ART229W Renaissance and Baroque Art 3
ART234W Modern Art 3
ART260 Ceramics Fundamentals 3
ART350 Studio Topics 3
One of the following:
HIS250 History of the United States to 1865 3
HIS251 History of the United States since 1865 3
One of the following:
MUS150 Music Cultures in the United States 3
MUS151 Introduction to Music History 3

Professional Education

Students pursuing the Elementary Education with Teacher Licensure major must complete 70 hours of EDU coursework, including Student Teaching.

All of the following:
EDU170 Introduction to Curriculum and Instructional Design 3
EDU185 Foundations of American Education 3
EDU227W Educational Psychology 3
EDU228L Educational Psychology Field Experience 0.5
EDU229 Educating the Exceptional Child 3
EDU360 Mathematics Methods for the Elementary School Teacher 3
EDU361 Science Methods for the Elementary School Teacher 1
EDU362 Social Science Methods 1
EDU363 Fine Arts Methods 1
EDU365A Junior Elementary Practicum 1
EDU365B Junior Elementary Practicum 1
EDU370 Primary Literacy Methods 3
EDU371 Intermediate Literacy Methods 3
EDU380 Middle School Methods and Management 2
EDU390 Educational Technology 2
EDU410 Strategies of Classroom Management 3
EDU431W Educational Assessment 2
EDU455 Education Seminar 1
EDU458 Reading/Writing in the Content Areas 2
EDU460A Senior Elementary Practicum 1.5
EDU465 Student Teaching 14
MED101 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I 3
MED102 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II 3
SPE321 Collaborative Relationships 3
SPE328 Math Intervention 3
SPE413 Reading Intervention 3

Student Teaching Prerequisite

Completion of previously stated student teaching requirements; 2.75 cumulative GPA; 3.00 GPA in all Professional Education courses.

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