Major in Psychology


Courses in psychology give students an understanding of a wide variety of human behaviors and an appreciation of the concepts and methodology employed in the study of psychology. The major in psychology is suitable for students interested in preparing for careers in social welfare, personnel work, guidance, advertising, criminology, military and industrial counseling and other therapeutic occupations, as well as graduate study in psychology which would lead to careers in teaching at the junior or senior college level, school psychology, tests and measurements, guidance and counseling, vocational guidance, clinical occupations, and experimental research.

Requirements For A Major In Psychology

40 hours of coursework, consisting of the following:

All of the following:

MAT265 Quantitative Methods I 3
PSY101 General Psychology 3
PSY222 Research Methods for Social and Natural Sciences 3
PSY374 History of Psychology 3
PSY380W Research Methods 4

Three of the following:

BIO281 Animal Behavior 3
PSY285 Psychology of Learning 3
PSY286 Sensation and Perception 3
PSY305 Cognitive Psychology 3
PSY360 Biological Psychology 3

Three of the following (Must include at least two from PSY203, 314, 370):

PSY203 Social Psychology 3
PSY205 Psychology of Childhood through Adolescence 3
PSY206 Infant and Early Childhood Development 3
PSY207 Middle Childhood and Adolescent Development 3
PSY208 Adulthood and Aging Psychology 3
PSY314W Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY370W Personality Theory 3

One of the following:

PSY270 Statistics II 3
PSY290 Psychological Tests and Measurements 3

One of the following:

PSY225 Industrial-Organizational Psychology 3
PSY372 Counseling Psychology 3

Requirements For A Minor In Psychology

20 hours of coursework in PSY, including at least six hours at the 300-level.