Majors with Secondary Education


Kevin Brucker
Director of Teacher Education Program

Lisa Cheek
Associate Professor

Janelle Dies
Assistant Professor

Duce McCune
Associate Professor

Elizabeth Ozog
Lecturer/Student Teacher Spv.

Michael Sluder
Lecturer/Student Teacher Spv.

Edward Steinbeck

Licensure programs at the secondary (high school) level are available in:

  • English (9–12)
  • Mathematics (9–12)
  • Social Science (9–12) with a designation in History

Students should refer to specific subject (major) areas of this catalog for requirements in their chosen area(s). To obtain additional High School endorsements, a student must complete 24 semester hours in a subject area, with at least 12 upper-division hours. Special requirements apply to Science and Social Science areas (See Teacher Education Program personnel for further information.).

Requirements for a major in Secondary Education

Completion of one of the major programs indicated above, plus the following:

Professional Education

All of the following:

EDU170 Introduction to Curriculum and Instructional Design 3
EDU185 Foundations of American Education 3
EDU227W Educational Psychology 3
EDU228L Educational Psychology Field Experience 0.5
EDU229 Educating the Exceptional Child 3
EDU240-242 Secondary Methods [Content Area] I 1
EDU340-342 Secondary Methods [Content Area] II 1
EDU350 Language and Literacy in Adolescence 1
EDU366A Secondary Diversity Practicum 1
EDU366B Secondary Content Practicum 1
EDU380 Middle School Methods and Management 3
EDU390 Educational Technology 2
EDU415 Secondary Classroom Management 1
EDU431W Educational Assessment 2
EDU435 Field Experience for Secondary Student Teachers 0.5
EDU440-442 Methods of Teaching in Secondary School 2
EDU455 Education Seminar 1
EDU466 Student Teaching 14

Plus all of the following:

HED179 First Aid, CPR, and Injury Prevention 1
MAT260 Statistics (except secondary math track) 3
PSY207 Middle Childhood and Adolescent Development 3

One of the following:

COM110 Introduction to Public Speaking 3
THA130 Acting I – Introduction to Acting 3