Major in Sociology and Psychology

Ann Fulop
Associate Professor ‐ Psychology/Director
Marygrace Kaiser
Associate Professor ‐ Psychology/Director of the Honors Program
Kay Blankenship
Lecturer ‐ Psychology

Sociology and anthropology study the many facets of human societies, cultures, and social behavior. Courses in this area will illuminate the attempts of social scientists to provide answers to persistent questions of social life. Students will learn how to better observe and conceptualize their social and cultural world.

The Sociology and Psychology major is recommended for students seeking a career in business organizations, government service, as pre-professional education for later careers in human services and social work, and as preparation for graduate work in sociology, psychology or law. The sociology minor is appropriate for students preparing for secondary teaching, business careers, or government service.

Students are highly recommended to apply for an internship experience to be completed after the first semester of the junior year.

Requirements for a Major in Sociology and Psychology

33 hours of coursework, consisting of the following:

All of the following,

MAT265 Quantitative Methods I 3
PSY101 General Psychology 3
PSY203 Social Psychology 3
PSY380W Research Methods 4
SOC102 Principles of Sociology 3
SOC250 Social Stratification 4
SOC370 Sociological Theory 4

One of the following:

PSY305 Cognitive Psychology 3
PSY314W Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY370W Personality Theory 3
PSY372 Counseling Psychology 3
PSY374 History of Psychology 3

Two of the following, at least one of which must be at the 300-level:

SOC105 Cultural Anthropology 3
SOC201 Criminology 3
SOC210 Alcohol, Alcoholism and Society 3
SOC306 Minority Peoples in the U.S. 3
SOC311 Deviance and Control 3
SOC299/399 Special Topics in Sociology 3


Requirements for a Minor in Sociology

20 hours in Sociology or accepted alternative courses, including SOC102 and a minimum of six hours at the 300-level.