Major in Theatre and Drama Arts


The course of study in theatre arts and drama is generalist in nature since the discipline itself demands a vast, well-rounded understanding of the history, literature, theory and practical applications of many art forms. The collaborative nature of theatre allows the student critical thinking skills, keen powers of observation and a true liberal arts preparation for advanced and graduate study in all areas of theatre as well as law, communications and ministerial work. The major also stresses overseas study and internships with major theatre groups, including our exclusive arrangement with major movie, television, and theatre producers.

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Requirements for a Major in Theatre Arts and Drama

A minimum of 38 hours of coursework, including at least 12 hours at the 300-level, consisting of the following.

All of the following:
THA130 Introduction to Acting 3
THA330 Direction 3
THA341W World Theatre History and Theory I 3
THA342W World Theatre History and Theory II 3
THA345 Independent Capstone Project 1-3
Two of the following:
THA282W Dramatic Literature I 3
THA283W Dramatic Literature II 3
THA312 Shakespeare as Literature and Performance 3
One of the following:
THA160 Theatre Stagecraft 3
THA261 Stage Design 3
THA262 Stage Lighting 3
Plus an additional 14-16 hours of THA coursework.




In addition to the required courses for the major, students who would like to specialize in a particular area of Theatre Arts and Drama may select courses from the following groupings. Students electing to emphasize one of these areas may want to use the following list of courses to guide their selection of general education requirement courses.

1. Production Emphasis:

ART106 Design Fundamentals 3
ART110 Drawing Fundamentals 3
ART210 Figure Drawing 3
ART241 Darkroom Photography Fundamentals 3
BUA230 Marketing 3
FPA301 Arts Administration 3
PSY286 Sensation and Perception 3
THA160 Theatre Stagecraft 3
THA221 Stage Makeup 3
THA261 Stage Design 3
THA262 Stage Lighting 3
THA326 Problem Solving in Theatre Design (A) 3

2. Performance Emphasis:

BUA230 Marketing 3
COM311W Messages and Meanings 3
MUS285 Foreign Language Diction for Singers 2
MUS334 Private Instruction in Voice 1-2
PSY203 Social Psychology 3
THA104 Introductory Dance (A) 1-3
THA220 Movement for the Actor 3
THA221 Stage Makeup 3
THA222 Auditioning for Stage and Screen 3
THA304 Advanced Dance 3

3. History and Theory Emphasis:

ART219W Ancient Art 3
ART224W Medieval Art 3
ART229W Renaissance and Baroque Art 3
ART234W Modern Art 3
BUA230 Marketing 3
ENG125 Introduction to Literary Studies 3
ENG316W Rhetoric & Scholarship 3
GRK224 Ancient Greek I 3
GRK225 Ancient Greek II 3
PHI250 Ancient Philosophy 3
SOC105 Cultural Anthropology 3
THA110 Introduction to Theatre Arts and Drama 3
THA290W Playwriting 3
THA343 American Theatre History 3
THA360 Theatre Pedagogy 3

4. Arts Administration Emphasis

ACC360 Fund Accounting 3
BUA311 Entrepreneurship 3
BUA321W Human Resource Management 3
ENG265W Writing for the Mass Media 3
FPA301 Arts Administration 3

Requirements for a Minor in Theatre Arts and Drama

21 hours of coursework, including at least six hours at the 300-level, chosen in consultation with Theatre faculty and approved by the Division Chair.