Minor in Leadership


The Leadership minor provides students with leadership strategies that enable them to create and nurture partnerships on a personal, organizational, and public level. The program cultivates an understanding of ethical leadership and leadership theoretical frameworks. Through opportunities to practice current leadership strategies, students will learn how to participate, educate and affect their communities.


  1. To increase knowledge of leadership theory and practices.
  2. To develop effective leadership skills.
  3. To cultivate leadership skills to effectively participate in their communities.


  1. Demonstrate an understanding of leadership theory.
  2. Understand ethical leadership on a personal, professional and public level.
  3. Discuss and assess current leadership issues.
  4. Develop the skills to create and nurture partnerships that foster growth within their communities.
  5. Engage in effective leadership practices within their community.

Requirements for a Minor in Leadership

All of the following:

LDR115 Philosophy and Ethics of Leadership 3
LDR225 Leadership Theory 3
LDR355 Leadership Capstone 3

One from each of the following groups, including at least one at the 300-level:

Leadership Communication Skills
COM255 Communication Ethics 3
COM310W Advanced Speech Writing and Presentation 3
COM311W Messages and Meanings 3
COM330 Intercultural Communication 3
COM351 Organizational Communication 3
ENG316W Rhetoric and Scholarship 3
Leadership Policy
BUA220 Management 3
BUA312 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility 3
EVS151 Introduction to Environmental Science & Policy 3
FPA301W Arts Administration 3
HIS220 History of Environmental Policy 3
Behavioral Leadership
PSY203 Social Psychology 3
PSY225 Industrial-Organizational Psychology 3
REL341 History of Religion in America 3
SOC250 Social Stratification 3
Political Leadership
PHI/PSC320W Political and Social Philosophy 3
PSC263 International Relations 3
PSC301 The Presidency 3