Dr. Prabhu Venkataraman

Prabhu Venkataraman

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Office: VB 7B
Phone: (309)467-6433
Email: prabhu@eureka.edu


Ph.D, Mathematics, University of Florida, 2008

Research Interests

Higher Categories and Geometry: I’m interested in non-abelian cohomology theories, and the applications of higher category theory to algebraic geometry. In particular, my work has focused on 2-gerbes and 2-stacks, and 4 dimensional characteristic classes.

Teaching Interests

Besides teaching mathematics courses, I am very interested in teaching courses that are interdisciplinary in nature. For this reason, I enjoy teaching courses such as Nature of Mathematics (a philosophy-of-math course), and Honors Seminars. I also enjoy reading in disciplines outside my own, including philosophy, and political economy.

Professional Activity

I have published articles in the areas of algebraic geometry and category theory. Selected publications include Group Actions on Genus 3 Curves and their Weierstrass Points (with Hariprasad Babu), and The 2-Lien of a 2-Gerbe.

I’m also a Registered Parliamentarian with the National Association of Parliamentarians.


An animal lover, I enjoy spending time with my three large canine companions.