Child Life Specialist

The major in Child Life Specialist is designed to prepare students who are interested in the profession of Child Life Specialist the background needed to pursue a graduate degree in Child Life Studies and a Certified Child Life Specialist accreditation.

Career Paths

Child Life Specialists work primarily within the healthcare field, assisting children and their families with coping with the anxieties associated with hospitalization and treatment.  They help to ensure a child’s continued social, emotional, and cognitive growth during periods of hospitalization, as well as facilitating communication between the child and hospital staff.  Child Life Specialists also work closely with parents, siblings, and other family members to ensure that all understand the healthcare process.

Child Life Specialist Student

Dr. Marygrace Kaiser
(309) 467-6400
Burgess Hall – Room 202
300 East College Ave.
Eureka, IL 61530

Requirements For A Major In Child Life Specialist

46 hours of coursework, consisting of the following:

All of the following:    
MAT265 Quantitative Methods I 3
PSY101 General Psychology 3
PSY203 Social Psychology 3
PSY206 Infant & Early Childhood Development 3
PSY207 Middle Childhood & Adolescent Development 3
PSY215 Cognitive Psychology 3
PSY222 Research Methods for Social and Natural Sciences 3
PSY290 Psychological Tests and Measures 3
PSY314W Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY320 Seminar in Child Life 3
PSY372 Counseling Psychology 3
Personality Theory
Research Methods


SPA115 Introductory Spanish I 3
SPA120 Introductory Spanish II 3
One of the following:    
PSY285 Psychology of Learning 3
PSY286 Sensation and Perception 3
PSY360 Biological Psychology 3
TOTAL:   45-46