Social Work

Social Work (2+2 Program)

Eureka College is affiliated with Methodist College to offer this 2+2 program in Social Work. Through this affiliation, students may begin their college career at Eureka College, enjoying the educational and social benefits of a residential liberal arts college. During the first two years at Eureka College, students focus on their general education requirements while staying engaged in the Social Work field through courses taught at Eureka by accredited Methodist College instructors. After two years, students transfer to Methodist College, where they shift their focus almost exclusively on professional coursework, including experiential practica, leading to a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree, conferred by Methodist College. This latter focus also includes training for the Illinois Social Work licensing exam.

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Dr. Alexander Swan
(309) 467-6814
Burgess Hall – Room 106B
300 East College Ave.
Eureka, IL 61530


Courses completed at Eureka College (Years 1 and 2)
COM110 Introduction to Public Speaking 3
ECC101 Justice and Civic Responsibility Seminar 3
ENG103W Academic Writing and Research 3
ENG301W Advanced Academic Writing and Research 3
MAT265 Quantitative Methods I 3
or PHI220
Introduction to Philosophy
or Moral Philosophy
PSY101 General Psychology 3
SOC102 Principles of Sociology 3
General Education Electives
Introductory Spanish I
Introductory Spanish II
Intermediate Spanish I
Intermediate Spanish II
General Education Electives
  Fine Arts Elective 3
  Humanities or Social Science Elective 3
  Life Science with Lab 4
  Physical Science with Lab 4
SW170 (MC Instructor) Concepts of Social Work  3
SW270 (MC Instructor) Foundations of Social Work 3
SW272 (MC Instructor) Contemporary Social Issues 3
SW273 (MC Instructor) Cultural Humility 3
SW310 (MC Instructor) Research Methods in Social Work 3
TOTAL   65
Courses completed at Methodist College (Years 3 and 4)
SW320 Foundations of Practice with Individuals and Groups 4
SW334 Case Management 3
SW335 Social Work with Groups 4
SW370 Behavior in Social Environment 3
SW371 Family Life Transitions 3
SW372 Special Topics – Elective 1
SW431 Policy and Professional Leadership 3
SW470 Special Topics CR Field Practicum I or Field Practicum II 1
SW471 Field Practicum I (3 hours theory and 6 hours field placement) 9
SW472 Field Practicum II (3 hours theory and 6 hours field placement) 9
SW473 Ethics of Social Work Practice 3
  Social Work Elective 1
  Social Work Elective 3
  Social Work Elective 3
TOTAL   55