Study Abroad

Study Abroad in Japan with Sophia University

“Studying abroad at Sophia University allowed me to immerse myself in the culture of a country and surround myself with the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells of a nation that is so unique from our own.

~Heather Kentzel studied at Sophia University in Tokyo


Sophia University, Tokyo
Lingnan University, Hong Kong
The Summer program, London

Eureka College actively encourages students to take advantage of study abroad opportunities and has set aside financial support in the form of tuition grants to help students realize their dreams to foreign travel.

Why study abroad?

Studying abroad gives students exposure to unique cultures and enhances their Eureka experience.

Students who have studied or interned abroad tell us that the experience helped them in gaining future employment, in providing direction for graduate school, and in expanding their knowledge and appreciation of the world.

And that’s all without mentioning all the new people who are encountered and the sheer enjoyment that they experience!

Providing The Opportunities

Eureka College would like for at least 10% of our students to have an “out of country” experience during their years at the school, either through semester/summer study, internships, Sandifer Mentorships, Reagan Fellowships, Disciples of Christ-specific opportunities, choir trips, or service learning projects.

The Study Abroad Program strives to obtain various tuition grants for current students interested in international travel. All study abroad monies go through Eureka College. Students who participate in the program are responsible for a presentation about their time abroad. They are also required to provide service to the College or the community to help promote cultural awareness or studying abroad in general. Financially they are responsible for what the tuition grant is not able to fully cover.

Students have recently traveled to:

  • London, England: Kings College, Richmond University, Westminster College, Kingston University
  • Tokyo, Japan: Sophia University
  • Florence, Italy: Scuola Lorenzo De’Medici
  • Limerick, Ireland: University of Limerick
  • Prague, The Czech Republic: Charles University
  • Hyderabad, India: University of Hyderabad
  • Leiden, The Netherlands: University of Leiden
  • Seville, Spain: University of Seville
  • New South Wales, Australia: University of New Castle
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: University of Belgrano
  • San Jose, Costa Rica: Veritas University

Study Abroad

(for all Eureka students with a 2.5 GPA or higher)

Let the World be your Teacher

Step One: Choose a program

  • Eureka College faculty led Summer or Spring Break programs
  • Lingnan University, our partner in Hong Kong
  • Sophia University, Summer program in Asian Studies in Tokyo
  • Or, an approved “third party” program in many different countries

Step Two: Planning for travel

  • Meet with the Study Abroad Coordinator Marjorie Rubash, Associate Professor of Business Administration, International Studies Coordinator,
  • Meet with the Registrar
  • Meet with the Director of Financial Aid

Step Three: Keep track of your deadlines

  • These are deadlines that must be kept in order to study abroad for the following year. Application for studying abroad is in the spring semester.
  • March 1 – FAFSA due to financial aid office
  • March 31 – Deadline for meeting with Director of Financial Aid, representatives of the Business Office and Registrar’s Office, and the Study Abroad Coordinator
  • April 15 – Notification to students receiving tuition grants