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Theatre and Drama Arts Studies at Eureka College

The course of study in theatre arts and drama is generalist in nature since the discipline itself demands a vast, well-rounded understanding of the history, literature, theory and practical applications of many art forms. The collaborative nature of theatre allows the student critical thinking skills, keen powers of observation and a true liberal arts preparation for advanced and graduate study in all areas of theatre as well as law, communications and ministerial work. The major also stresses overseas study and internships with major theatre groups, including our exclusive arrangement with major movie, television, and theatre producers.

Theatre at Eureka – a hard act to follow

Our mission is to create theatre artists of the highest caliber who are well educated in all areas of theatre arts and drama so that they may excel as learners and leaders in the global arena of the professional arts. Our graduates will also serve the world through teaching, professional work and a lifelong commitment to the arts.

Each year, Eureka students take leading roles, both in front of the curtain and backstage, in pancontemporary settings.


Eureka has great places to play – like our Pritchard Theatre, which is a highly flexible performance venue, adaptable for proscenium, thrust, arena, and environmental stagings. Other performance spaces include Becker auditorium, McCallister Hall in the chapel, and the Rinker Outdoor Amphitheater.

There’s more – Eureka’s Little Red Devils Improv Troupe and our Director’s Studio provide wonderful additional opportunities for those interested in theatre. We’ve also co-hosted the Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival three years in a row!

The world is your stage – and we have a few places to play

The Theatre department at Eureka College has four performance spaces to accommodate a wide variety of events:

Pritchard Theater is a flexible, 300 seat, black box theater. This is the space used for most productions and is located within Pritchard Hall, near the center of Eureka’s academic halls.

McCallister Hall is a 300 seat performance space that has been used for such productions as The Little Red Devils improv troupe. It is ideal for cabaret settings and one person shows.

Becker Auditorium nested at the heart of the Cerf Center, this largest of Eureka’s performance spaces seats over 400.

Rinker Outdoor Amphitheatre seats well-over 900, features ideal natural acoustics and a topiary, backdrop, and wings.Used most commonly now for convocations and graduation ceremonies, Rinker was an integral part of Woodford County’s traditional pageantry.

Explore a programs of study in Theatre and Drama

Major in Theatre Arts and Drama | Production Emphasis | Performance Emphasis | History and Theory Emphasis | Arts Administration Emphasis | Minor in Theatre Arts and Drama | Major in Elementary Education with a Theatre Arts and Drama Specialization