Dr. William Staudenmeier Jr.

William Staudenmeier

Professor of Sociology

Office: Burgess 106
Phone: (309)467-6418
Email: wjstauden@eureka.edu


Ph.D., Sociology, Washington University in St. Louis, 1985

M.A., Management, Human Relations, Webster College, 1978

B.S., N/A, United States Military Academy, 1972

Research Interests

"I am interested in the interdisciplinary study of the social response to alcohol historically and comparatively. There are three major areas that I have studied. First, I have studied the response to alcohol in American workplaces from colonial times through National Prohibition in the 1920’s. In doing so, I found significant variation in the types of policies that American employers had, identified major influences on change in employer policy, and illuminated the influence of the past on the present. Second, I explored specific post-Prohibition and post World War II changes in the social response to alcohol and other drugs in America and the influences on these changes. One example is my work co-authored with Harrison M. Trice on the emergence and diffusion of Alcoholics Anonymous. The third area started when I was a Visiting Scientist at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland in 1994. Since 1994, I have included comparative research on other countries in order to better separate the general from the particular and to help identify the different social and cultural influences on the workplace response to alcohol problems."

Teaching Interests

"My greatest teaching interest is that I love to teach. Teaching is an honorable vocation and the student/teacher relationship is at its core. What makes this vocation special is that its best moments come not at the time of our greatest accomplishment, but at the time of our students’. Indeed, perhaps it is more accurate to say that these are one in the same. Our joy and sense of fulfillment comes with their empowerment, their opportunity, and their success. We step back letting them emerge, letting them move beyond our prescriptions, letting them shine. Core areas that I enjoy teaching include: Alcohol and Society, Culture, Deviance and Control, General Sociology, Medical Sociology, Race and Ethnic Relations, Social Theory, and Stratification."

Professional Activity

Active in professional service and scholarship, Dr. Staudenmeier is the Past President of the Illinois Sociological Association, and the past Secretary and Member of the Board of the Midwest Sociological Society. He refereed articles and/or reviewed books for 10 different journals in the United States and Europe and has presented and published his own research internationally. He was a NIAAA Fellow at Washington University in St. Louis, a Visiting Scientist at the University of Edinbugh Scotland, and a Visiting Fellow at Cornell University. Past Dean of the College and Vice-President for Academic Affairs, he also won the College’s highest teaching honor.


Dr. Staudenmeier loves to hike mountains and hills, and go for walks in the forest. A former college soccer player and youth coach, he is a super fan of the U.S. national soccer team and follows the English Premier League and roots for the Chicago Fire. He frequently travels internationally for work and play and loves to learn about other cultures. A film buff who leans towards the classics, independent film, and international film; he is also a dedicated foodie.