Degree Completion

Student in Organizational Leadership program

The degree completion program allows non-traditional, working students to finish their bachelor’s degree in a convenient evenings and weekend format.

Organizational Leadership

Organizational change in the 21st century calls for leaders who are committed to serving others. This program is designed to prepare graduates to assume management-focused leadership positions at organizations in both the public and private sectors.

Through a dynamic curriculum that links theory with best practices, students are trained in the principles and skill of transformational leadership—leadership that translates vision into change within the team-based management environments that characterize today’s organizations.

At the heart of the program is an interdisciplinary sequence of courses crafted to foster an understanding of individual and group behavior that is essential for effective leadership. This sequence is complemented by a practicum component, a unique experiential opportunity through which students are challenged to solve real-world leadership problems faced by their own organizations as well as those faced by area groups, institutions, and companies.

What are the requirements for admission?

Students must have one of the following:

  1. an Associate’s Degree (baccalaureate-oriented transfer degree) from an accredited two-year community college; OR
  2. a minimum of 51 credit hours of transferable coursework (satisfying the IAI transfer agreement) from an accredited two- or four-year institution.

In general, Applied Science (AAS) degrees usually do not meet all of the IAI transferable coursework requirements. Typically, fewer credits transfer with an Applied Science Associates degree than with an Associates of Arts (AA) degree. We are available to review your transcript and answer any questions you may have. Read more about the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI).


Organizational Leadership Tuition/Fee Structure

The fee structure for students enrolled in the Organizational Leadership weekend cohort program is a per semester fee which remains constant throughout each respective cohort and differs from the fee structure for traditional students and programs. This price includes tuition, fees, textbooks, supplies, and other incidental costs. Merit scholarships are not applicable to students in this program.


Semester Total:

Year 1
Fall $6,531
Spring $6,531
Summer $4,849
Total Year 1: $17,911
Year 2
Fall $6,531
Spring $7,026
Summer $1,682
Total Year 2: $15,239
Total Program Cost: $33,150

Students are encouraged to apply for federal financial aid. Payment options specific to this program are available for weekend cohort students. Additionally, a separate refund policy also applies. The tuition benefit for full-time College employees and their dependents is only applicable to the actual charge for tuition not fees, textbooks, supplies, and other incidental costs.

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