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JUMPstart is a two day program designed for first-time, first-year students. The program provides students the opportunity to interact with their peers and connect with current students, faculty, and staff to begin building relationships as they make the transition to life at Eureka College.

EC also offers New Student Orientation, a journey that begins with your commitment deposit, extends through Early Registration Day (first-year students), TRANSFERmation (transfer students), Welcome Week (all EC students) and well beyond the student’s first semester. These programs help facilitate the transition to Eureka College and prepares students for the educational opportunities and integration into Eureka College’s intellectual, cultural and social communities.

Welcome to JUMPstart

The JUMPstart staff, along with the entire campus community, is committed to making each student’s transition to college life as successful as possible.

Students who attended an Early Registration Day are required to also attend a JUMPstart event. An alternate schedule will be arranged as these students will already have confirmed their fall class schedule.

During JUMPstart, students will:

  • register for classes
  • meet their peers
  • network with current students
  • learn about campus resources
  • activate email account
  • meet representatives from campus services & programs
  • stay overnight in our residence halls

During JUMPstart, family and guests will:

  • receive additional information about the college and it resources
  • gain insight into the adjustments students and families will face during the next few years
  • become better acquainted with the campus and university personnel

First, be sure you have made your $200 enrollment deposit. JUMPstart dates will not be held for any student until the Admissions Office has received the enrollment deposit. For your convenience, here’s our online Letter of Intent form or in PDF.

Second, select a JUMPstart that works for you. Since this is such an important event for you to participate in, we’ve planned two overnights (with identical programs) for you to choose from:

Thur-Fri, June 23–24, 2016 and Fri-Sat, July 15–16, 2016


Next, register online below. Eureka College will then contact you with more information.
It’s THAT easy!