Meet Your Admissions Team

Admissions building

Anne Leanos

Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Anne Leanos MBA grad

Phone: (309) 467-6348
Education: Bachelor of Science in Political Science, German Minor, United States Naval Academy, 1998
Favorite Eureka Spot: The Reagan Peace Garden
Favorite Campus Event: Commencement
Hobby/Music: Running, Skiing / Alternative Music
Why should you consider EC: At Eureka College, the “Difference is in the Doing” and through the amazing, unique experiences our school allows you to have-Christine Chun worked at an orphanage in Ecuador for her Reagan Fellow mentorship-Aaron Myer works in our office honing his people skills as a Student Ambassador and is completing a Sandifer Scholar Mentorship at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California, you are equipped with the confidence and skills to succeed in a rewarding career.

Pat Prosser

Asst. Dean of Admissions / Transfer Coordinator


Phone: (309) 467-6748
Education: Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership, Eureka College, 2010
Favorite Eureka Spot: The Gammon Room in Melick Library
Favorite Campus Event: Opening Convocation Day
Hobby/Music: Tennis, Skiing / Classic Rock & Country
Why should you consider EC: For endless opportunities, just add initiative! So much is offered here, you just have to pursue it. Everyone here will support you in your academics & growth interests!

Erin Bline

Director of Financial Aid

erin bline

Phone: (309) 467-6311
Education: Bachelor of Science in Accounting, University of Illinois
Favorite Eureka Spot:  I love my office! That may sound crazy, but it is a really cheerful place with lots of my personal touches: my kids’ pictures, my decor.  Feels like home to me!!
Favorite Campus Event:  Definitely Opening Convocation
Hobby/music:   I love crafting of all kinds and love searching Pinterest for new projects.  My music sort of depends on my mood – I like my kids’ music, but my favorite is Christian music on WCIC-FM.
Why should you consider EC: You will get to know the faculty and staff on campus personally as well as professionally.  It is a special community, full of caring and supportive people that make it a priority to help you reach your goals.

Chris Robinson

Freshman Admissions Counselor

chris robinson

Phone: (309) 467-6344
Education: Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership, Eureka College, 2013
Favorite Eureka Spot: The trails around the Lake & in the woods (great place to run). Also Mika’s Coffee Shop is a great place for a chat & bite to eat.
Favorite Campus Event: Move-In Day/Welcome Week. You can feel the excitement and anticipation of new beginnings and the unique adventures to come.
Hobby/Music: Running and spending time with my family / The Beatles
Why should you consider EC: Everyone here truly cares about each other, our students, and will do as much as they can to support personal growth. Come discover yourself while you discover Eureka.

Austin Blair

Freshman Admissions Counselor

Austin Blair

Phone: 309-467-6347
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Eureka College, 2016
Favorite Eureka Spot: My favorite spot here on campus is a Saturday afternoon at the football field. I love the atmosphere that is provided for all and the tailgating is awesome. I love to see the students and families come together!
Favorite Campus Event: Homecoming. I love to see the alumni come back and the whole week is just a lot of fun for many students. It’s also a blast because it goes back to many traditions of the college.
Hobby/music: In my spare time I love to lift, run and go rock climbing. On my to do list – skydiving! I love music and listen to it as often as possible. My music generally depends on what I’m doing but my favorite group growing up was Bon Jovi!
Why should you consider EC: Eureka!!!! You found it! This place is home for many, myself included, and will become home to many of you! The people here are ones you can learn a great deal from. It also allows opportunities of a life time with all the experiences and knowledge you’ll learn. Lastly, you’ll be ready for the “adulting”. We all joke about growing up but when you leave you will already be able to step in and start leading wherever you go!

Alisha Alexander

Freshman Admissions Counselor


Phone: (309) 467-6678
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Communication/African American Studies, Western Illinois University, 2010
Favorite Eureka Spot: Reagan Peace Garden
Favorite Campus Event: Welcome Week
Hobby/Music: Traveling & Shopping. I’m pretty eclectic in my taste of music. I listen to everything except heavy metal, but I love Jazz and R&B, specifically Kem.
Why should you consider EC: Eureka College is a home away from home. You come here and are able to receive a quality education from individuals who truly want you to exceed in life, all while creating great memories with people who become you friends for a lifetime.

Jenny Cole

Freshman Admissions Counselor

jenny cole

Phone: (309) 467-6346
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Music, Eureka College, 2012
Favorite Eureka Spot: On Campus – The music building, the Chapel. Around town – Eureka Lake Park; it’s a nice place to have a picnic or just go for a walk.
Favorite Campus Event: Move-in Day, it’s great to see students back on campus after the summer break.
Hobby/Music: Softball, spending time outdoors and judging speech in the winter. Country, Rock, Jazz, Classical, almost anything!
Why should you consider EC: Eureka pairs small town charm with big time opportunities. Everyone on campus will become your support system and will help you discover your full potential.

Amy Becker

Event & Visit Coordinator

amy becker

Phone: (309) 467-6825
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Eureka College, 2014
Favorite Eureka Spot: I really enjoying eating lunch outside of the Cerf Center when it is nice out and in front of the fireplace when it is cold.
Favorite Campus Event: Homecoming
Hobby/music: Scrapbooking, going to the movies, spending time with family / Jars of Clay, 80’s Pop, Country
Why should you consider EC: Eureka College can open your mind to ideas and opportunities that you never thought were possible. The connections and friendships that you make at Eureka College will last a lifetime.

Donna Neff

Admissions Communication Management Specialist

donna neff

Phone: (309) 467-6800
Education: Bachelor of Science in Accounting and History, Eureka College, 1991
Favorite Eureka Spot: On campus the Gammon Room in Melick Library. I took many power naps on the couch there during my days as a commuter student. Locally, I enjoy the park at Eureka Lake. It’s a great spot to spend your lunch hour.
Favorite Campus Event: I love Opening Convocation because its invigorating watching the incoming class welcomed to the EC family
Hobby/music: Reading, crafting and baking. I listen to Today’s Hit Radio on Pandora all day long.
Why should you consider EC: The individual attention, care and concern shown to students by faculty and staff is unparalleled. It doesn’t get any more unique that this!