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Erin Bline
Director of Financial Aid

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Financial Aid Specialist

Worried about the financial cost of attending Eureka College? We offer a variety of scholarships and awards to ease the financial burden.

Ronald W. Reagan Leadership Program

– This four-year, full-tuition scholarship to Eureka College is one of the best educational experiences any student can have.

Engagement Awards

– Engagement awards promote learning, service and leadership at Eureka College.

Faith Based Awards

– Eureka College has a historic relationship with the Christian Church. Become a disciple of Christ.

Sandifer Mentorship

– Named for Eureka College alumnus Durward Sandifer, Class of 1924 who was a key figure in helping establish the tenets of the United Nations. This mentorship allows students to foster a professional relationship with a mentor coupled with hands-on experience.

Transfer Students

– Eureka College works to make college affordable for all students. Transfer students have a variety of options available.