James Bryson '76

Class of 1976

Major:                     Social Sciences

Sports:                    Basketball, Racquetball

Post Graduate:     Social Sciences - Illinois State University


Occupation: Retired from ICC and I have my own organizations, New Millennium Institute and Annie Malone Center for Development. Peoria, Illinois

Married: 3 children and 13 grandchildren



Ask me about:

I just completed another book, “The Hidden Story of Annie Malone.” I speak at educational and workforce conferences. I am an implicit bias trainer and mental health educator.


What is something about your current self that your college self would be proud of?

Graduating and getting a masters degree. Also connecting my roots to the college’s history. My mother was a Moody         and you have a street named after my family members.


Why is it important for you to be a part of EC?

To share the rich history of the college’s association with African Americans.


Who was an influential person during your time at Eureka – how did they make a difference in your life?

My family


Although James (Agbara) Bryson lived in public housing, he is an award-winning educator, national trainer, author, and consultant who, specializes in self-handicapping behaviors.


He is the founder of the New Millennium Institute and its nationality recognized Life Skills Job Readiness Bootcamp and Illinois Central College’s “Harvesting Dreams African American Male Retention Program,” and the Annie Malone Center for Development. Mr. Bryson is President/CEO of New Millennium Institute which focuses on student and  staff training, presentations and curriculum development. He provides cultural relevant strategies that promote personal, academic and workforce success for low-income at-risk student populations. He is also President/CEO of the Annie Malone Center for Development. The Center is designed to resurrect the story and legacy of Peoria’s Annie Malone, the first black female millionaire.


As a former TRIO Director, college counselor and adjunct faculty, he saw many students coming to college academically, socially and emotionally unprepared to succeed. Under his tenure, his Harvesting Dreams program  model has had great success in helping students to overcome their self-handicapping behaviors. Harvesting Dreams received a City Proclamation and also helped to produce Illinois Central College’s “Student of the Year.” He is an inductee of Peoria’s African American Hall of Fame and received the 2017 Pride of Peoria Award for community leadership and collaboration.