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2013 Opening Convocation

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Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Shellie Schwanke
Director of Alumni Relations

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A Note from Home

I have come to discover the truth in the statement, “There is one constant in life: change.” Take your cell phone for example. Just when you think you have figured out how to take a good photo, store the photo, download and master the latest app, block the relentless sales caller and set your alarm, an update comes out and “POW,” you have to learn something new.
But just imagine how stale life would become if we weren’t in an ever-changing world. I have heard that, if you are coasting,  no matter how slight, you are in a decline. If you are changing, you are likely in a state of growth. Change brings challenges. It also brings vitality and creativity.
In a few days, Eureka College’s leadership will change. Dr. Arnold will be our Chancellor and Dr. Bell will be our Interim President. Knowing them both personally, I can assure you that Eureka is in good hands. But yes, there will be changes, as there have been for over 160 years. That is why Eureka is still here educating fine young men and women in the liberal arts tradition.
I am excited for our future here. I love Eureka and I know that our alumni, students, faculty, and staff do too. Let’s embrace our new academic year and see what our collective future holds. Your continued support can make all the difference.
Shellie Schwanke
Director of Alumni Relations – Class of ’87


Upcoming Alumni Events

Visit the Alumni Events page to see details about what is planned. Discover other campus events on our campus events calendar.

Event DetailsLocation

August 4 Freshman Send-Off Social at Sweet CeCe’s, Peoria, IL
August 26 Night with the Peoria Chiefs
September 3 Lincoln Bowl/Alumni Tailgate Party at Knox
September 10  Football Alumni Appreciation Tailgate Party and Recognition
October 14-15 Homecoming
March 18–28, 2017 Spain’s Classics

For additional information on any of these events and to make your reservations, email the Alumni Office or call 877-892-7823.

Paying it forward!

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Chaplain’s Corner

Welcome to Chaplain’s Corner, a monthly column presented by Eureka College Chaplain Bruce Fowlkes. Read this month’s Chaplain’s Reflection.


Dr. Logsdon’s Studs Terkel

Dr. Loren Logsdon, Professor Emeritus of English, has captured the spirit of Eureka College history in a special project he fondly calls the “Studs Terkel Project.” The project is a collection of alumni memories and stories which weave a rich tapestry of the Eureka College experience.

Read this month’s article by Loren Logsdon.

The Alumni Office would like to continue the spirit of this project by inviting alumni who attended after 1970 to send in your stories. You can also submit by emailing Dr. Logsdon directly at

This collection of stories is available in the Online EC Bookstore .

GOLDS: Graduates of the Last Decade

We would love to hear from you! At Eureka College we want to maintain a lifelong relationship with our graduates. We have all heard the saying, “Real life begins after college,” and at Eureka we want to know how our young alumni are faring in their first decade out of college. We appreciate your feedback below, and wish you the very best as you navigate “real life.”

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