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Director of Alumni Relations

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A Note from Home

Birds of a Feather

As I reflect on this season, I am reminded how wonderful it is to reunite with family and friends that we have shared our lives with. The fact that we don’t get to see each other often makes the day even more special as we are intentional in putting aside a special day and time to be thankful for each other

and the home that has brought us all together. Family groups are so important and whether or not they consist of blood relatives or friends and folks we hold closest to our hearts, there is no place like home when the people we love are represented there.

During our time at Eureka, we form similar groups. Although we have a natural connection with our class, it seems that alumni also really enjoy relating to those they “did life with” during college. It seems that class reunions are giving way to decade reunions where we can relate to the people, places and events that we experienced together on this campus. Affinity groups ranging from Greek organizations, athletic teams, Chorale, theatre casts and crews, Chorale and student groups like CAB, Cru, DOC, Res Life staff, BSU (Now known as the Multicultural Union) and so many others (50+ to put it into perspective), give us so many opportunities to reconnect.
I hope you remember fondly your friends from Eureka and take the opportunity to reconnect. I am seeking sponsoring hosts for gatherings YOU want to be a part of. Contact me for existing opportunities and new ideas. As alumni, YOU are the thread that runs true from 1855 to today. Eureka needs you to stay connected and passionate about the Eureka experience so it continues to thrive!

Shellie Schwanke

Director of Alumni Relations – Class of ’87


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Chaplain’s Corner

Welcome to Chaplain’s Corner, a monthly column presented by Eureka College Chaplain Bruce Fowlkes. Read this month’s Chaplain’s Reflection.


Dr. Logsdon’s Studs Terkel

Dr. Loren Logsdon, Professor Emeritus of English, has captured the spirit of Eureka College history in a special project he fondly calls the “Studs Terkel Project.” The project is a collection of alumni memories and stories which weave a rich tapestry of the Eureka College experience.

Read this month’s article by Loren Logsdon.

The Alumni Office would like to continue the spirit of this project by inviting alumni who attended after 1970 to send in your stories. You can also submit by emailing Dr. Logsdon directly at

This collection of stories is available in the Online EC Bookstore .

GOLDS: Graduates of the Last Decade

We would love to hear from you! At Eureka College we want to maintain a lifelong relationship with our graduates. We have all heard the saying, “Real life begins after college,” and at Eureka we want to know how our young alumni are faring in their first decade out of college. We appreciate your feedback below, and wish you the very best as you navigate “real life.”

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