Giving Opportunities

If you believe that a Eureka College education made a real difference in your life, or in the life of someone you know, you can help the next generation of students through your support of the College. There are many ways to assist talented and deserving students including funding a scholarship, giving to the endowment, or providing an internship or employment after graduation.


Throughout its long history, Eureka College has enjoyed the faithful support of alumni, parents, friends, churches, corporations, and foundations. Eureka is consistently among the nation’s leaders for outside gift support to the operating budget per student enrolled. Each year an Annual Fund goal is established and a variety of solicitations are made to all constituencies to secure the resources necessary to meet that goal. Your gift to Eureka College has an immediate and meaningful impact on every aspect of campus.



Unrestricted gifts provide a pool of funds that are not restricted to specific program uses. These gifts allow the College to allocate funds wherever the need is greatest and to take advantage of unique opportunities as they arise. Unrestricted gifts are typically used to offset costs associated with such things as financial aid, teaching innovations, equipment, and facilities. Unrestricted gifts are so vital to Eureka College that they are often described as the greatest gifts donors can make.



Gifts may also be designated to a specific program, group, or priority area at Eureka College. These gifts allow the donor the satisfaction of supporting a program that has personal significance to him or her. Designated and restricted gifts may be labeled for current use or endowment, as well. Current use gifts provide funds in the short term, whereas endowment gifts are designed to provide financial security over a longer period of time.


Thank you to our Generous Donors!


Scholarships make a difference. For students, scholarships make the difference between attending the college or in some cases, not pursuing their educational dreams at all.

The importance of scholarships and financial aid cannot be overstated. Students rely on support – your support – to pursue a college education. The need for scholarships continues to grow.

There are two ways of establishing a scholarship at Eureka College:

  • Annual Scholarships are established by gifts that are expended in the year of the gift, and the donor is contacted for renewal.
  • Endowed Scholarships are established with gift or gifts totaling at least $25,000. The funds are invested and only the income generated is awarded.

If you wish, you may restrict eligibility for your scholarship to students who meet your selected criteria. Possible criteria might include demonstrated financial need, new student or upper-level students, or a particular course of study. However, more open criteria make scholarships easier to administer and ensure that eligible student(s) can be found each year.

Annual and endowed scholarships can be established in your name, your family’s name, your organization’s name or in honor or in memory of another individual.


At various times the College conducts special campaigns for capital gifts. These funds are used for new construction, major renovations, equipment and other capital improvements to the campus. Gifts designated for capital purposes may be made at any time, even when a campaign is not in progress.