Ivy Projects

The Ivy Ceremony – A Beloved Tradition

The Ivy Ceremony has, for many years, been a part of Eureka College Commencement Exercises. The tradition is traced back to 1925 and holds very special meaning to thousands of graduates who have matriculated from Eureka’s hallowed halls. Ivy is representative of the characteristics that represent the character of Eureka’s Community: strength, flexibility, and tenacity. Faculty and staff endeavor to instill these qualities in our students.

Each year, at Opening Convocation, new students are given a sprig of ivy. Each student then places the ivy sprig into a collective basket symbolizing formal membership in the Eureka College community and a joining together to form this community. The ivy then symbolically grows together to form a single continuous vine as one becomes a full member of the EC family. This common bond is represented at Commencement in the form of an ivy chain.

The circle of ivy represents the strong bond that binds our graduates and our community together. Although the cutting of the ivy results in separation, it also reminds us of ivy’s ability to take root elsewhere. It is our hope that our graduates will take with them these ivy springs and all they symbolize and spread the knowledge thy have learned and the relationships and love they have experienced “neath the elms.