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Technology Upgrades Provide “Blazing-Fast” WiFi on EC Campus


Today, technology plays an essential role in Eureka’s commitment to transformation. The proliferation of new devices and a new era of blended learning have intensified network connectivity demands. But investments in technology upgrades on campus have allowed us to transform the experience for our students, faculty and staff.


Eureka College partnered with Apogee, a technology and support company that provides colleges and universities with progressive solutions to keep all students connected and on track to reach their full potential.


“We’ve seen immediate improvements to academic outcomes, with faculty easily and confidently adapting pedagogy to meet student needs with no technical limitations,” said Dr. Ann Fulop, provost and vice president of academic affairs.


In addition to the structural changes that modernized our information systems, students experience blazing-fast Wi-Fi that seamlessly integrates with all their smart devices—like iPhones, iPads, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and personal assistants like Alexa — throughout campus.


These exciting innovations are the latest in Eureka’s ongoing mission to cultivate excellence in learning, service, and leadership through the mutual development of intellect and character to enable graduates to lead meaningful lives and have successful careers.