Stay Involved

Get Involved

We want you to see that your relationship with your alma mater can enhance and impact your life long after you graduate. Alumni are encouraged to stay engaged with Eureka and as you do, your life will continue to be enriched as you participate in the many events and opportunities for involvement here ‘neath the Elms.


REAP: Recommend Eureka Alumni Program

Having been a student at Eureka, you are able to convey the spirit of Eureka through your personal experiences and create important connections for prospective students. The Admissions Office is always looking for recommendations of quality students that would be a good fit for our special campus community. Students are the lifeblood of this campus and your influence as an alum can greatly assist our admissions counselors in this important effort. REAP members keep an eye out for excellent students in their circle of influence and recommend them to our admissions staff. They can also give back to Eureka by volunteering as representatives at college fairs, by conducting informational interviews and by helping with area receptions for prospective and accepted students.


Family Legacies

Legacies are special families that pass the tradition of a Eureka College education to their children and grandchildren. Eureka boasts families like the Johann family that has as many as 60 members of their family that have attended Eureka College. A student is considered a legacy if one or both of his or her parents or attended Eureka College. The Office of Alumni Relations hosts gatherings on campus during Orientation for incoming legacy students, Family Weekend for all legacy students, and Graduation Weekend for senior legacy students.


Class Champions

What is a Eureka College Champion? A proud alum who demonstrates their loyalty to their alma mater by giving back to their alma mater through time (mentoring), talent (professional expertise, championing a college cause) and treasure (alumni giving percentage increase). Champions are proud, successful alumni who are committed to connecting their circles of influence to their Alma mater. Champions host events for classmates, Greek brothers and sisters, teammates or alumni in your region or area of expertise. It can be a very rewarding and fun experience to bring Eureka alumni together and serves the College in building and maintaining our special community. Connect with us and let us know the areas or events you would be willing to host.


Mentor A Student

Serve as a mentor for students and young alumni in their profession and passion by sharing your experience and expertise. This can be a very rewarding experience as you pay it forward to those who could use a helping hand and listening ear. There are also many opportunities to return to campus as a guest speaker, roundtable leader, commission participant and many more! Connect with us and let us know the areas in which you would be willing to mentor.

Pay It Forward