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Vocal performance and the vocal arts at Eureka—something worth singing about

The Eureka College Music Department offers co-curricular opportunities to all members of the campus community through participation in two performance ensembles.

What makes the study of music at Eureka College so unique?

  • Regular opportunities for performance concert tours both domestic and international.
  • Regular opportunities for performances at both Regional and General (National) Assemblies of the Christian Church.
  • Regular opportunities to be instructed by highly regarded performers/educators in their respective fields.
  • Regular opportunities for non-majors to participate in performance ensembles or schedule private studio lessons.

Vocal groups—find your musical niche

The Eureka College Chorale

The Eureka College Chorale is an auditioned mixed chorus of 80–85 men and women dedicated to the performance of a wide variety of European and American choral music – sacred, secular, and popular. The college chorale’s musical sensitivity, energy, and unique sound is a testament to the dedication and talent of its singers.

Membership in the chorale is open to all students at Eureka College, regardless of class year or major; the most important prerequisite is that singers are willing to learn and dedicate themselves to choral performance excellence.

Rehearsals are held on MWF from 3–4pm.

The Eureka College Chorale has conducted concert tours in Canada, New England, England, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The next European Concert Tour will take place in May of 2014.

New singer auditions are held at the beginning of each semester and consist of a ten-minute session with Dr. Joseph D. Henry, Associate Provost and Director of Choral Activities.

The Eureka College Chamber Singers

The Eureka College Chamber Singers is a mixed chorus of 18–20 auditioned voices that specializes in chamber choral and vocal works from the Renaissance era to the contemporary period. In addition to local performances the Chamber Singers have toured domestically and internationally where they have established a reputation of excellence in choral music performance.

In early December, the Eureka College Chamber Singers annually present the very popular and highly successful, Renaissance Christmas Dinner in the Terrill Rooms of the Donald B. Cerf Center.

The Chamber Singers rehearse on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4–5:15pm.

Membership is open to all Eureka College students through audition. Prerequisite: Continued membership in the Eureka College Chorale.

Eureka College Chorale Fall Auditions

When: August 27, 28 & 29, 2014 from 3–5 pm
Where: College Chapel Classroom

How: Chorale auditions are open to all college students (music majors and non-music majors alike) between 3–5 pm on the first three days of classes in the fall semester. Auditions are held on a first-come, first-served basis. To audition, simply complete an audition application (available in the Chapel Lobby during Welcome Week and through the scheduled audition dates) and step in line to audition on one of the three possible audition dates.

What Should I Expect during the Audition: Auditions last about 10 minutes. Familiarity with music reading and/or previous experience in choirs is very helpful but not a requirement for membership in the College Chorale. The Eureka College Chorale seeks students who are enthusiastic towards participating in an ensemble and are prepared to commit to rehearsals and performances outlined on the course syllabus. Typically the College Chorale annually presents two campus concerts, provides music for two worship services at the Eureka Christian Church (DOC), sings for the Eureka College “Fall of the Wall” Ceremony in November, and sings at all College Convocations including Opening Convocation, Founder’s Day, Baccalaureate and Commencement. Rehearsals take place in McCallister Hall of the Chapel on MWF from 3–4 pm.

The Eureka College Chorale audition consists of the following:

  • Vocal warm-up exercises
  • Sing “America the Beautiful”
  • Tonal memory (6-pitch patterns)
  • Interview
Eureka College Chamber Singer Fall Auditions

When: August 27, 28 & 29 from 3–5pm
Where: College Chapel Classroom

How: Membership in the College Chorale is a pre-requisite to membership in the College Chamber Singers. Since the rehearsal process is accelerated, the Eureka College Chamber Singers seeks those students who are familiar with music reading and have had previous choral ensemble experience. Time to complete the Chamber Singer audition is added on to the Eureka College Chorale audition in order to accommodate time necessary to read a few short excerpts of music. To express interest in this audition, simply check the appropriate box on the Eureka College Chorale audition application. The Eureka College Chamber Singers also perform at the two annual campus concerts; present the annual Renaissance Christmas Dinner in December, and are often called upon to represent the college at events that take place off campus. Rehearsals take place in McCallister Hall of the Chapel on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4–5:15 pm.

The Eureka College Chorale audition consists of the following:

  • Vocal warm-up exercises
  • Sing “America the Beautiful”
  • Tonal memory (6-pitch patterns)
  • Interview
  • Music reading

For more info, or to schedule an audition time different than above please email Dr. Henry at

Music Studies at Eureka College

Courses in music provide opportunities for enrichment through a variety of musical experiences, including classroom study, group and private lessons, and ensemble participation. The major in Music serves as a foundation for further study in graduate school and for careers in performance, composition, and education. Music majors choose either the Performance Emphasis track or the Non-Performance Emphasis track. The music minor, combined with a major in Business Administration or Communication, offers opportunities for careers in arts management, music broadcasting, and music business.

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