Visual Arts


Why Choose The Visual Arts At Eureka?

Light, Space, Community, Individualized Instruction, Foreign Study, Internships, Service, Leadership and Artistic Freedom.

The Burgess Hall Art studios provide open studio space for painting and drawing. Painting students have individual open work stations, each with a table and private easel. The studios are surrounded by windows, producing light and comfortable working conditions; a great place for sharing ideas in community as well as working privately. Photography labs include five enlarging work stations and additional graphic arts prep. room for matting, framing and retouching. Burgess is also home to the Art Gallery, where students can experience shows with a wide range of Art media and where Art Majors can plan for their own solo exhibitions, to be presented in their senior year.

The Pritchard Ceramic and Sculpture studios are equipped with pottery wheels, kilns, tools and equipment for both sculptors and ceramicists. Students work with clay and a variety of mixed media in a huge open studio space. Studios in both Pritchard and Burgess are open to students during the week, in the evenings and on weekends at specified times. A computer lab with art programs is also available to design students.

Instruction in studio Art classes is individualized, with the goal of helping each student reach their highest potential as an emerging artist. Students are encouraged to explore their own ideas while learning traditional techniques and methods of working. Artistic freedom is valued and encouraged! Art Faculty members are Artists, with exhibition records and successful careers in the Art field in addition to their commitment and enthusiasm for teaching.

Scholarships and special opportunities are available for the student artist who wants to live a life of creativity, community service and value. We are interested in recruiting the serious artist with the liberal arts attitude; willing to work with others, valuing service to their community, developing mind, spirit, skill and artistic expression while becoming a contributing member of society.

Students in the art program can also travel abroad and study in the great places where art history comes alive. Many others may choose to participate in internships that develop their interest in Art Therapy or Graphic Design. Artists can and should be leaders, applying the strength of their individuality and talents as the conscience of society.