Eureka Athletics

Eureka College student-athletes work diligently to balance their academic responsibilities and their commitment to the team.  Our student-athletes are supported by coaches, faculty and staff to ensure they excel on- and off-the-field.

Hosting 15 NCAA Division III intercollegiate teams, Eureka College is proud of our long record of achievement—and incredible potential for future success!

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Interested in coming to a game?

The Bonati Fitness center is now open under regular hours.

The Reagan Pool is now open for recreational swimming. Hours can be found here.

Rallying the Red Devils

Alums and students alike delight in the Eureka College football Saturdays; events where the entire campus community rallies behind our Red Devils.

On a typical Football Saturday, more than 25% of the Eureka College student body is not just attending the game – they ARE the game! In our close-knit and active Eureka College community, a large portion of our student body are members of our football team, cheerleading squad and pep band. Those who are not in the game are there, rallying behind our Red Devils.


The Eureka College Red Devils will call upon their rich history to unite under one common goal for the 2016-17 academic year. #SwingTheAx will be the rallying cry for the over 170 student–athletes at Eureka College, but it will also look to unite their fans, alumni, friends and student population.

Read more about the meaning behind #SwingTheAx.