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Mollie Albrecht

Mollie Albrecht

Admissions Ambassador

Contact Details

El Paso-Gridley High School


Gridley, IL

Arts Administration & Digital and Media Design

Fun fact:

I was in show choir from 7th grade to senior year of high school and was known for being the rapper of the group as I had rap solos every year of my high school show choir career. I even got to travel to Nashville and perform at Show Choir Nationals on the Grand Ole Opry stage.

Favorite spot on campus:

The swings on the deck by Burgess because that’s where some of my best memories so far have started. It’s where I met the other Reagan Fellows and it’s an awesome place to relax and unwind.

Favorite event/tradition on campus:

My favorite tradition is definitely the ivy ceremony that happens during graduation. I was able to actually help with the setup of stringing the ivy together last year and witnessed first hand how much work is put into one of the coolest traditions on campus. It’s a tradition for the whole campus but when you take part in the ceremony it is also very personal in that you get your own “piece” of the college, the ivy.