Meet Your Admissions Ambassadors

Trevor Finnan


Trevor Finnan

Admissions Ambassador

Contact Details

Ottawa Township High School/Illinois Valley Community College


Utica, IL


Fun Fact:

Some hobbies of mine include playing basketball, listening to music, and contemplating the greater mysteries of life.

Favorite spot on campus:

My favorite spot on campus is definitely the commons, because food is life.

Favorite event/tradition on campus:

My favorite event that takes place on campus would have to be the Assassin’s Launch Party, which is a two week long game where everybody buys nerf gun and tries to take out assigned targets without getting picked off first. Nobody knows who is assigned to take out who, or who is trying to take them out, and its probably one of the best ideas anybody has ever had on campus. Schedule a tour and come see for yourself all of the amazing and unique things that make us proud to call Eureka College our home!