Business Office

Student Accounts

  • Tuition, Fees, Room, Board and other charges are invoiced through the Business Office
  • Books or supplies may be purchased at the Eureka College Bookstore and must be paid for at the time of purchase.
  • Student Account Statements/bills are available to view online through the student’s Eureka College SonisWeb account/financials.

Payment of Student Accounts

If a student’s account becomes delinquent because payments are not made according to the College due dates listed below, the College has the right to collect the balance due including, but not limited to turning the student’s account over to a collection agency; and, taking legal action to collect the balance due. Additionally, the College may prohibit the student from scheduling classes or housing for the following semester; withdraw student from courses for the following semester; and withhold academic transcripts and the student’s diploma until the balance is paid.

Payment Methods:

  • Online: via the Eureka College student’s SonisWeb account/financials.
  • In person: Business Office located in Burrus Dickinson Hall (M–F 8am–4pm)
  • By mail: Eureka College Business Office, 300 East College Avenue, Eureka, IL 61530
  • By phone: Business Office at 309-467-6305 with a credit or debit card

Payment Options and Due Dates:

  • Pay in FULL: Payments made to Eureka College
    Semester 1 (fall) due date: August 15th
    Semester 2 (spring) due date: January 15th
  • TWO payment plan: Payments made to Eureka College
    Semester 1 (fall) due dates: ½ balance due August 15th and remaining ½ due October 1st
    Semester 2 (spring) due dates: ½ balance due January 15th and remaining ½ due March 1st
  • Monthly: Payments made through Tuition Management Systems
    If choosing this option, contact TMS at 1-800-722-4867 or to enroll. There is an enrollment fee for this service and you must enroll by August 15th. If students/families do NOT enroll in the monthly pay plan, Eureka College will automatically expect the TWO pay option was chosen.

Finance Charges

  • Finance Charges will be assessed to all accounts greater than 30 days outstanding, except for Students and Parents participating in TMS.
  • The rate is 12% annually.
  • $100 late fee assessed at 7 days past due.
  • Interest will continue until the balance is paid in full.

Refund Calculation/Policy (Exit or Withdrawal from college)

A student who terminates their enrollment prior to the last day to add or drop a course (10th day) of the semester, is not considered to have been enrolled for that semester and is therefore entitled to a 100% cancellation of that semester’s costs for tuition and course fees along with the return of all the student’s financial aid. Room and meal costs will be based on actual period of residency on campus.

A student who terminate their enrollment prior to completing 60% of the semester, shall be refunded according to the ‘Return of Title IV Aid’ regulations. See the Financial Aid Handbook for the calculation worksheet and explanation of return policy of financial aid. Direct costs such as tuition, course fees, room and board will be charged pro-rata based on the percentage of enrollment period completed. Indirect costs such as fines, athletic insurance, college insurance, etc., will not be pro-rated. If a student remains on campus beyond their withdrawal date, the student will be assessed room and meal costs based on actual period of residency on campus and not the withdraw date.

After completion of 60% of the semester, there shall be no refund.

Student Accident & Medical Insurance Requirement/Charge

All students (part-time or full-time) are required to show proof that they are covered under a basic health insurance plan by completing the required online steps at

If a student is not covered under a health plan, the student will be required to purchase the College plan (underwritten by UnitedHealthCare). To review the plan and the annual premium rate, visit The premium for the plan will be added to the student’s bill and will be required to be paid according to the billing due dates. Once billed, the charge is irrevocable, per insurance-college agreement. Insurance rates are subject to change.

Athletic Insurance Charge

The NCAA requires students participating in inter-collegiate athletics to be covered by the college athletic insurance program. The Athletic Insurance Fee will show on the student’s account. If a student is involved in more than one athletic program, only the highest applicable Athletic Insurance Fee will be posted to the student’s account. Insurance rates are subject to change.

Short-term Emergency Student Loans

Short-term student loans are provided to students in emergency situations, they are required to be repaid within two months or by the end of the current semester, whichever comes first. There is an application process and a $1 processing charge.