Excellence in Learning

Personalized student learning is our top priority. The learning experience at Eureka College is focused on the interconnection between traditional liberal arts and the application of knowledge in a range of settings. Eureka College offers an education that teaches students to read, think, and write critically, while broadening their horizons and encouraging their faith and values. Eureka College’s academic initiatives are guided by forward thinking, innovative research in higher education.

Essential Learning

Ensures that graduates have achieved a set of common educational outcomes that are easily measurable

Embrace a range of methods for promoting global awareness in their students, encouraging language study and coursework in U.S. diversity

Gain a new perspective on the world, improve your language skills, develop problem-solving skills and make long-lasting connections with people of different backgrounds

Enhancing common intellectual experiences will help students integrate knowledge, make connections across disciplines and master critical skills

Integrate and apply what you have learned across your entire undergraduate experience

Create a collection of work that demonstrates and shows your progress and achievement toward various student learning outcomes

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