Eureka College American Opportunity Index 2016

American Opportunity Index

American Opportunity Index

For 161 years, Eureka College has provided every generation of students with these numerous opportunities to grow and develop as leaders in their personal and professional lives. That is why our graduates include 42 college presidents, seven governors and members of Congress, and of course, the 40th President of the United States.

Total American Opportunity Index Total American Opportunity Index

Eureka College is proud to release the findings of our first “American Opportunity Index.” We have commissioned this survey as a measure of whether Americans feel that they have both the freedom and opportunity to pursue their dreams. By sharing the index results, we hope that all Americans, like Eureka College graduates, will work toward ensuring the freedom and opportunity for everyone to pursue their dreams.

This index was inspired by the opportunities that Eureka provided for our most famous alumnus, Ronald Wilson Reagan who went from his rural Illinois origins to world leader with five careers in between.

What are your perceptions of freedom and opportunity? Complete our informal version of the poll to see how you compare to other participants.

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Our research partner for the American Opportunity Index (AOI) is McLaughlin & Associates, a national research and polling firm based in Alexandria, Va., whose expertise and wise counsel has been essential to the AOI.